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Another panasonic handphone!


I got another Panasonic G50. He he..Yup, I'm a lover of the Panasonic handphones.

I totally don't like Nokia, coz they are money suckers. Their phones are no less popular, but I sure don't like the company!

When I first got my Panasonic 92 two years ago, I realised it came out about the same time as the Nokia 3310. The one I had has many functions during that time. 4 colours, handsfree function, voice memo, vibration, caller groups and very light as well! Indirectly I am trying to say that Nokia was backdated, in terms of technology then. What when Panasonic can come out with a phone with so many features then!!! Yup, the Panasonic92 phone was much more advanced than the Nokia even then!

The Nokia one i had, well, the battery life died after less than 6 months. You can imagine how pissed I was. If I had a choice of a 2nd hand panasonic or a brand new Nokia 1110, I'd rather have the Panasonic phone any time!

Anyway, yeah, i got a second hand panasonic. It is a colour phone, with all the same previous functions! (except for voice memo). Yes, the previous phone was extremely basic but very user friendly.
This one is tiny and SO SO SO Cute!! it fits into my handbad nicely. The guys were like asking, why so tiny?

Of course! That's the very reason why I got it! Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out the GPRS function........*a bit lost with it*. I activated GPRS (and Maxis has waived my RM10 activation charges!!! hee hee!), but there is still no I dunno lar...

Yup, my brand loyalty is with Panasonic.

*I wonder if that means the same for a husband in future eh?*


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