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All in a day's work (of a teacher, that is).

Today, one of my kids,CW berakked in the car whilst I was sending him home........*damn* it really stunk.
Not to mention the fact that my air cond was out of commission at the same time. Another girl almost pee-id in the car as well. I think it's time I considered getting a new current one is seriously.....getting condemned to old age liao!

The maid of CW had to come and clean up when I arrived at his home.....*well* all in a day's work.
I had to remain sane in the car, and just had to keep my cool. Losing my head in such a situation isn't worth it. The maid was more worried for the mess that the kid made than I was! *Lol!*

Joyce in my class has a very bad temper. The good traits that she has is that she knows what to do, and she can help the others in the class to go about setting things and doing it. But the other is, she doesn't like to ordered around or, told what to do, and in a fit, she'd start to scream and throw a fit, and then she'd start crying there and then! Like today, one of my other students, Nicholas was collecting the colour pencils, from around the class. Joyce wanted the pencils (I wasn't sure what happened, since I wasn't there), but from what I heard, she had a tussle with Nicholas, and took a bunch of the pencils and threw and had strewn the entire bunch of pencils on the floor everywhere! I'd presume she was reprimanded by the Chinese teacher, Bee Sien!

That's the kinda thing you'd expect to experience both either as a teacher or parent, tell me now again, do u want to be a parent or a teacher, better still yet??

Lilian was busy in the office today, so I took over her classroom duties this morning and just did my Montessori lessons.
Today, I worked the Short Bead Stairs (1-9) with the kids. We started off by singing number songs (1,2,3, 4,5 Once I caught a fish alive, BaBa black Sheep, 5 Little Ducks Went out To Play) before going into the presentation. I presented the Short bead stair, and then showed the children how to arrange the Beads from
(1-9). Most of the children were able to arrange it in order, except for GXuan, Jasper & Ai Lin. Angel and Shan-Shan had no interest in taking part in the lesson!

Then after, we worked on Colour Box 2. I sang the Australian rainbow song with them, to revise their knowledge on the colours, (red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue). They could name the rest of the colours in the box as well! (gray, brown, black,white). So, I think the next we should work on is the Colour Box 3. The kids had no problem naming all the colours. Its the concept of dark to light that I have to work with them next on.

Finally, to end the lessons before break, we worked on the letters of the alphabet. The children are currently up to the letter "P" of the English alphabet. I laid out the letters cards on the alphabet (the cards are velcroed) on the board and we sang the Alphabet song. I revised the sound of the letters with the kids and then took out each alternating letter card and gave to the kids. I'd read the letters and the child with the missing letter (s/he has to be aware of which letter they are holding in their hands), and come out when I come to the missing letter.
Some of the kids jumped up when it came to their letter, some of them were daydreaming, and the other kids had to call them to attention. They quite enjoyed the lesson

(I think this is because Lilian rarely gives them hands on activities to work on. I'm seriously not biased! I think it's true!)

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