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Saturday mornings.

Saturday mornings are the best time to sleep in....Don't ya think so?
Oh, well. It depends lar.

Anyway, today I woke up at 7.20am. The handphone alarm rang at 6.40am, and there I was wondering, was it 6.40 or was it 7.40 I was supposed to be out? Hmmm...
Mandy called me exactly at 7.30am. I was online checking my email and went off by 7.40.
Drove to the morning market, and found a parking space near Yoke Nam school.

*DAMN*. I knew that place sure would be congested even at 7.30am in the morning!!

Ah, the Morning Market!! I have not ventured into that place this early, well, not since I went jogging with Ben last year. Speaking of which, I thnk it is about time we did that again. *Lolz*. The car workshop near BP still had not opened when I arrived yet.

The sights and sounds. The chirping. The people talking. People traipsing all over the place with their ware and purchases of mest and vegetables and home ware.

And *nasi lemak*!!! Yummy! *Mouth Waters!*

Anyway, apparently there was a miscommunication between Mandy and I this morning. She went to the other morning market over at Jln Lazat, whereas I went to the morning market at OUG. There is a 7-11 at both places, so basically we were both at different wavelengths when she mentioned the 7-11.

So, by the time we met up, it was 8.20am. Ha ha......I ran out to spy for her car, and she finally parked her car. Right near the YokeNam school. There's plenty of parking space near the school, but I'm sure, that on a school day, the place would be congested no less.

I went straight to the market to get nasi lemak. Yummy. With cuttlefish!!! *mouth watering*.
Mandy ordered PenangKeowTeow, whereas I had a really spicy affair with the "fats rice"
He he.
Bought some "glutinous balls" for my parents to eat. You know, those balls with loh mai rolled up into a ball with flour. Delicious!! Heh.

When we were eating breakfast, we started talking about the MCI examinations. Now, you know, the MCI exams are very very very academic. As those who were acquainted with me during my MCI examination period last year...
(MCI stands for Montessori Centre International).

One has to memorise so many things, understand the bloody philosophy and the sequence of activities behind it.
Damn. And what do u get? A very lowly mark. But damn, I sure enjoyed myself during those pressuring periods. It sure FELT GOOD. Heh.
Yeah, I told her about that ...dunno how she'll take to it lar. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, FYI, I passed all 3 of my USQ BECh subjects!!! HOORAY!!!!
I passed units: Learning about Play, Communication Scholarship and finally, Art & Craft.

Alright. I was panickingly waiting for my results for the past many many weeks. Well, I scored at 34/50 for my Play 2nd essay. Which is COOL!!! Ha ha.. I'm so Happy!!!!

*Starts jumping and dancing around the room*

*does a twirl around the room*



*falls on the floor and starts laughing!*


Anyway, for this semester, I'll only be doing 1 internal unit, which is Nursery Management course....I had my first class last night. It is *dull*.....I know that, from the response of the other students...and very very abstract.

One was *doodling* on the paper, some were almost falling asleep, and another few more were playing with their handphone during the lesson........
I think our lecturer, Dr.Irene realized that ......lolz...(she's a PhD holder, and not a GP, that is.). Ha ha...but she could not really do much about it.

I had to go down to the food stall nearby to get some food to keep me *awake*. Lolz.

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