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The past 3 months.

Yesterday, I went for CG at FGA at 5, at Horeb Room, the old Block. Asta came to wait for me there before KT came to pick us up. It so happened that KK and KT's sis came along. Well, KK drove anyway.

All 5 of us watched "The Beautiful Washing Machine". What can I comment on the movie?
The only thing I can say is that you have to watch it for yourself, because I can't really describe the movie myself either. But Asta was laughing and laughing throughout the movie, and it affected me as well.
So we both started laughing like mad cows throughout the movie, and the rest of the audiene (which was probably only about less than half of the small hall) probably heard us because the both of us were so loud.

Its important that I go for CG, to have like-minded believers to fellowship and study the Word together. It is important that we pray and fellowship together, because believers were not asked to grow in faith alone, as one mature believer will help another grow in faith and consecrate their faith.

Last week we went to KLCC with the orphans. Yesterday, I was the last one to share a testimony, saying that it's wonderful God could use me, as the link to bless the orphans through my other friends. Isn't it wonderful how God can work through others? This particular orphanage is a privately funded orphanage so the couple who run it are running at their own funds.

Today, whilst at church, I manage to find some chinese booklets on Matthew and Mark. It is extremely useful because my Chinese sucks (both mandarin and cantonese, no less). so having literature really helps to reinforce my sharing, or at least point others towards that direction.

There's this really lovely malay song, Yang Terutama that I have been constantly humming since last evening.
The link for the chords are here.

Yang Terutama Di dalam hidup ini,
Memuliakan nama Yesus,
Yang Terutama Di dalam hidup ini,
Meninggikan NamaNya.

Halleluyah, Halleluyah,
Saya mau cinta Yesus,
Halleluyah, Halleuyah,
Saya mau cinta Yesus.

Yesterday, when Kien came to pick me up for CG, I found this book in his car entitled The Circumcised Heart, written by a Malay guy, Hilmy Nor, who was imprisoned by the ISA for 2 years during the Operation Lallang in 1987. It talks about his conversion, and the struggles that he had to go through in those 14 months.

I can only truly be amazed at the kind of faith, that a fellow Malay, in such times, as compared to a chinese or indian who can freely convert any time they want. I am more amazed that the book was even allowed to be published. He married a chinese wife, and even took up a Masters in Theology in Canada.
Amazing what the Lord can do when his believers have faith!

The past three months have been a trial to me. Both emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes problems of the heart can really take its toll by affecting the rest of the physique. I really have nothing much to comment on it, since I have been blogging a lot on it anyway.

More amazing is that, I realised that throughout the whole time, God has been faithful to me and shown me his love and protection, both emotionally and spiritually.
It is amazing that God can use someone who is an unbeliever to show me how much love, care and protection one can have for other. It really has convicted my heart, that I could only say how blessed and praise His name for His faithfulness to me!

There are times that I would like to give in to my own will, but the Word has been written.
If trust in Him, and lean not on my own understanding, and acknowledge Him in all my ways, He will guide my path. The crux of the matter is, how much faith and how much trust do I have in Him?

Of course, if I would only believe, great things will happen to me, Matthew 6:33.

Indeed, I know that great things will happen to me, because the Lord has plans to prosper and not harm me, and give me hope and future. Jer 29:11.

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