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Mini Explorace.


You know what, the last time I took part in a Treasure Hunt was when I was 13 or 14??

That was so so so LONG AGO.


Anyway, I joined the Rugged CG for their treasure hunt around Klang Valley yesterday.

First, we met up at FGA Basement 4. I didn't know anyone there except for Winston.

I signed up, got assigned to a group, and by 9.45am, we were up with our first task, and headed to Bangsar for our first task...

We managed to find 4 out of 5 pictures on the Jln Telawis. Tiring , but no less fun...hehe.

Then we drove down to the National Museum for our 2nd task.

The entire treasure hunt ended at about almost 1.30pm?

After which, we headed off to Ming Tien in SS2 for lunch. The Rugged CG is quite a huge group, compared to the Connexions CG.

Anyway, Winston asked me to make up my mind on which CG to join.

Okay, anyway, after lunch, which was about almost 4pm, I got home and slept until 5.30, and then made my way to Winston's. Jason came to pick us up and then went to pick David at Sri Petaling. We were going to celebrated Por Vin's birthday at some hotel in Shah Alam.
We all made our way to SS2 to wait for other members. Damn. Dinner was so filling.

By the time dinner was done, it was almost 12, so Jason sent us back using the Federal Highway.

Ok, even better news. On the way back, Jason's car had a bit of problem with his back tyre and it was making a lot of noise. This was at MIDNIGHT!! in the middle of a highway!!
Can you believe that??

We managed to arrive at David's safely (his house wasn't that far away), and tried to change the tyre but to no avail, because the rim was so tightly stuck to the tyre....

FORTUNATELY, God was gracious to us all.......

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