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Historical evidence of the Bible.

A friend asked me, How do you know if the Bible is historically accurate?

Historical fact is the basis of Christian faith.

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If the Bible is not historically accurate, and there were no witnesses, then whatever I believe is a lie.

Well, for one, first things first, the Bible consists of two major parts, one which is the Old Testament and the other, the New Testament.

The Old Testament talks about the history of the nation of Israel. It talks about how the Jewish people came into existence, so as the Arabs too.
The New Testament talks about the birth and cruxification of Christ, and the 12 disciples, and the history of the first church and finally, Revelations.

Well, I can't prove it to you. You have to make your own observations and research to make it true. To your ownself anyway.

But here are some facts that I know.
-The Old Testament talks about the ancestors of Christ, and how Christ is the last person mentioned in his family, before the Bible switches to the history of the First Church.
-Abraham is the ancestor of Christ. Abraham is the father of Isaac, and Isaac is the father of Israel. The nation of Israel came from Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel later).
-The nation of Israel has 12 major tribes, from Jacob's main 12 sons and descendents.
-King David is the ancestor of Jesus.
-Both Mary and Joseph are descendents of King David, that is why they had to go back to Bethlehem, which is the census given by Caesar to the people to have a headcount.
-Caesar was a real person. Roman ruler at that!
-Pilate was a Roman consul at that. He was a witness to Christ's cruxification.
-The Bible has 40 writers, and each book in the Bible DOES NOT contradict each other.

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