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Fool..Fool....April FOOL!!!!! Ha ha....

There's not many times a year where our cheekiness......or all of us would let our cheekiness come into a play.


For me, it started the night before....
and I was truly aware of it the next day..

I can't believe my colleagues would try to play such a *lame* one on me...Ha ha

The moment Vani & Ambigai saw me, they said, "hei , hei, why is that man, your neigbhour calling you?? HE was calling you earlier lar!!"
Eh, really lar!!!!
I shoook my head and smiled.

Then later, Roshan gave me a similar version and said, "you know ah, your neigbhour gave me a card and flowers for you lar."....
I smiled and grinned widely at her........
"ok lar, you got get the card for me lar" ;-)

Eh, they all play the trick on you already ah?
I started laughing.

Of course the best one was to do with the other colleagues. As you may know, the 6 yrs kids are going for the field trip.

When Ambigai came in, Roshan told her, "hei, the principal asked you to join the field trip."
"Really ah?" (Ambigai's class wasn't going, so she was not supposed to go).
"I have to call my mom to tell her I'm late then".

Then Ambigai ran to the phone....and picked up the phone and started to call..
Roshan started to laugh..
No No lar!! It's an April Fool's Joke lar!"

The administrator, Mercy was next to get sucked in by the joke....
Ambigai: Hei, Mercy! Mercy! The phone rang just now lar!!! It rang 5 times lar! Aiyo, dunno who call ah. Maybe Mrs. _ called just now lar!!

Mercy: really ah?!!! Aiyo Aiyo.!!! How ah.?
(then she quickly unlocked the door and picked up the phone, ready to call.........

Ambigai started laughing. It's April Fool lar!!

Next was Bee Sien:
Ambigai went up to Bee Sien and told her..
Ambigai: Hei, the principal called you lar....ya lar. Very urgent. Dunno why also.
Bee Sien: Really ah?? Ok, I go down.

Bee Sien reaches the office: The principal is on the phone.
So Bee Sien stands around and waits .........

The principal gets off the phone. She doesn't look at Bee Sien, so Bee Sien speaks to the Principal instead.
BeeSien: Uh, Mrs_, yes, you called for me?
Principal:, I didn't call you. Yes, what is the matter?
Ambigai and Vani started laughing outside!

Then Lilian got tricked next.
Ambigai: " Hei, Lilian, the principal asked you to go for the field trip lar."
"Really ah?"
"OH....Really ah....But I'm dressed like to go? In high heels and all".
"You sure or not?"
"Ya lar...."

Then Lilian, carrying her handbag with a worried look walking up and down, then went traipsing around the office......

Lilian: Aiya, I dont know. I am not dressed properly for the field trip..lar.
Who will look after my class?"
Mercy: "Aiya, Chea Yee will mah.."
Lilian: Sure ah?
I was there listening, and shrugged my shoulders (i was not into the joke then...).

The principal is outside the office. But doesn't say anythng when she sees Lilian.
Lilian (to the principal): Ummm......Mrs _, am I going to go for the field trip? If I am, how about my kids?.

Then the other colleagues started laughing loudly.
The principal didn't say anything but just smiled.

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