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A computer in my room

I just dragged a computer in my room. Had to clear the table for the space, coz my room has absolutely no space to put a table computer.

Guess what is the first thing I installed? Photoshop Elements and WarCraft 3!!

Ok, I seriously suck at the game. I'm still at the Human campaigns, and I keep restarting the game when it reaches half time because I almost keep dying. Whatever. It is training ground.....*damn* was never good at Strategy games. Played until 4.30 am last night. Well, wonders of wonders for someone who hasn't played strategy games in ages. Lolz.

Maybe I should just stick to Need For Speed and The Sims after all. (if I have those games either! Ha ha. )

My computer in the hall doesn't have the capacity to maintain these games, so I never played any of it all this while. Hopefully when I get the computer in my room networked, then we can all play and challenge each other, yeah? ;-)

I just joined this Lee Hom event thingy contest on I'll win tickets. Lolz. Nevermind that my Mandarin sucks big time as well. LOLz.

Got my car to the workshop earlier. Hope to get it in good condition later tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope that the fella doesn't overcharge me for the services...but my mom says they can't overcharge too much for an old car....AIYA. You sure or not?? Don't be too sure lar.

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