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April 30th.

Just came back from an outing with my Rugged CG group. Ok, I have decided to join the Rugged instead of the Connexion. I'd rather be with a group of noisy people than one which is mellow. Lolz.

Woke up this morning about 10.30am, and then went for my appointment with trainer, Khu at the gym at about 1. Then after, headed to Mabel for songleading practice.

In the evening, headed down to FGA for my CG group meeting. Today, they had a crossword TimeTunnel activity.

Damn. YinYin is like the most chatty person in the group. Well, so is her friend and also Lynette. (It's not called Rugged for no reason...practically everyone in the group is HYPER.). Our session ended at about 6.30, and after which, we send one of the girls to a train station, and got lost on the way there...Lolz.
Then we headed off for dinner at Tmn.Desa with the rest of the Ruggeds.

One of our friends, Li Shuan just opened a cafe at Damansara Perdana. A map of the place is enclosed below. So if you are passing by, do check it out and give her support. Thanks a bunch!!

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