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April 27th

Today I went to watch a movie with Asta. We watched the movie, Coach Carter.

Its a good movie, especially if u want to be a high school teacher and u want to motivate teenagers.

Yeah, and if u like basketball.

Yesterday, one of my kids, Ching Wen was not feeling well. He puked in the car.
So today, I asked him how was he or if he was feeling any better?

He said yes. I asked him , did u pray when you were sick?
He said yes. Then I asked him, whom did u pray to? Did you pray to God?
He said I prayed to Jesus.
So I asked, did Jesus heal you?
He said, Yes, he did.
Then I asked, Where does Jesus lives?
He said Jesus lives in my heart.
Can you feel him in your heart?
He said, Yes I can.

Woah. If only most adults can have the same kind of childlike faith he has, the Devil and the gates of Hell will be shaking!!

Ching Wen is only 6, and he's already decided to follow Jesus. I used to think 6 year olds couldn't make their own decisions, but this one kid sure is able to think and reason for himself compared to many of the ones in class. I've been to his house before, and his entire front door is covered with those Buddhist prayer sheets. He tells me that his parents are into Buddha teachings, but he decided not to.

I once asked him, is anyone in your family a Christian? He said his grandfather was.

I told him that I am will never ever put my faith, or pray or bow down to any porcelain or wooden statue or tree, because in the case of a tsunami ever happening, what would happen to it?
Ching Wen could give me the answer. There goes my same answer as well!

If the statue or tree cant save itself, it definitely cant save me or him either!

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