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April 17th.

I haven't been writing for a while. Well, since Monday anyway.
The thing is, I don't know what to write. there's nothing interesting going on in my life, besides work.

Well, the only thing I've done this week is just shut myself in my room everyday.
The only thing I do is read the Bible, underlining scriptures and praying. I don't even watch television.
There's nothing to watch anyway. Maybe cartoons or TVIQ, Discovery Channel, or Travel and Adventure. etc.

Hmm yeah, and I got quite a fever on Friday and a flu which was pretty bad then. Thankfully, its all almost gone today, and its Sunday. I asked my friends to pray for me on Thursday and Friday itself. Well, these friends aren't those necessarily from my church.
My fever was quite bad, I didn't even go for my night classes at Summit. I felt faintish the entire morning.
Just stayed home and rested and entertained myself with the maids. Ha ha.
Hei man, I had faith it would be better by Sunday, and it did!. Well, Praise the Lord then!

On Saturday, I went for this healing and restoration "retreat" in USJ.
It was about breaking free of all past spiritual, emotional , physical and sexual sin bondages. What we did was I wrote out every name that I had in mind to do with my past, renounced it and prayed over it. How do I feel?
Well, I can't exactly tell you, but perhaps I could tell you after one week, and see what difference has been made.

Went for CG in FGA on Saturday evening. It was a combined CG. Then after, we went for dinner at Kuchai's. I met the Rugged CG group. Seems that they have plans for the upcoming Thursday public holiday. Well, we'll see if I join them or i make plans of my own by then. But, treasure hunt? That sounds exciting!! ha ha.
After dinner, they wanted to go to some "Wah-Wah" place (WHATEVER that is) in Hartamas. I thought, nah, I may have received healing, but I am only just recovering. That is no way I'm going to stress my body out just so that I will join them Rugged and Connexions for some outing somewhere. Besides, there's always another time anyway. Anyway, I got Winston's number! Hah. So, I'm not worried!

Nothing much interesting of late. Liverpool and Juventus 0-0. Man, that must have been an exciting game.....and now its the Red vs Blues. My brother will definitely be up on the 27th of April to witness the beautiful game. Lolz.

Of late, I've mostly been praying a lot. I pray for practically all my friends. Up from my college mates (that I do meet!) to my current friends. Well, mostly the ones that I am in contact with to my cousins that I hardly meet up and even for my ex bf. Well, isn't that amazing? I especially pray more, if I know that I will be meeting up with them. and I pray more especially for those that I don't get along with the most.
Where do I pray? Mostly in the car when I am alone by myself and I am driving. Ya, I pray AS I drive the car along. Well, this is something I read that another brother did. It helps us not think too much of the traffic, and keeps my mind occupied when I drive with something to do anyways.

A friend asked me, what's with my being involved with the church of late?
I thought about it, and I think, I kinda know the answer, but sometimes the answer is delayed until later.

There will be a time in an individual's life, where they will finally make the decision whether to be lackadaisal in their faith or not. Unfortunately, it is normally after a stressful or traumatic event, that a person will finally turn to Christ or think about God at such times. As it is, even Christ says, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven, how true it is it applies to us humans.
Well, it is the sick that needs a doctor, and not the one who is well!

For me, it strengthened my faith than the less of it. I think it started when I decided that enough was enough and that it was finally time for me to obey the Great Commission, and that I finally asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I didn't know if I had it with me all this while, but I can be sure for now.
I know not how the Holy Spirit will lead me, but I am praying for the good fight of faith.
For all believers out there, pray the good fight of faith for me, that I will not lose hope and back to that broad road that leads not to salvation....

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Terry Finley said...

Nice Blog. Thank you.

Come study the Holy
Spirit with me.

Terry Finley

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