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And the Truth shall set you free.

This evening, I went for CG at FGA.

It was raining quite bad. The two groups, Connexions and Rugged were there. Since there were less people who turned up for Rugged, they decided to combine the worship service for both singing Malay worship songs...hahah...entire worship service singing in Malay.

Anyway, something that Laynie mentioned to me (during an outing out later after the CG) did make sense to me earlier. It is just that I never really thought about it, although it was on the back on my mind.

Well, the members of Connexions were wondering if I was going tonight. Anyway, after the worship service, I dragged Yin Yin to check out the bible study with the Rugged group, since we had never joined them for that before.

Hmmmmm. how shall I say it? Even Yin Yin observed that the Rugged group is a bit more noisy as compared to the Connexions, which is a bit mellow and down to earth. Winston had already said that it would be wise to actually check out both groups, so we would actually be able to find the group which actually matched and we would be most compatible to the group.

Eventually I would have to make a decision to join one of the groups. I wouldn't say that members of the Connexions group are not fun, but they are quite serious comparatively.
Just as I have to do this, I realise that too remains the same in other decisions of other areas of my life.

Ha ha ha ha.....

Which leads to the question, what kind of guy do you think would be suitable or compatible to me?
Let's not talk about values. Let's talk about compatibility of characters.

Laynie said that the type of guy who would most be compatible with me would be the type
who would be obedient to me, than I be obedient to him.

Strange as it is, I actually agree with her....... Ha ha ha ha ha

If there is one thing I do not like about a bf doing is questioning me where I go, or who I went out with.
I am the type who wouldn't mind sharing with them where I went, but if they demanded to know where I go or where I went, I would not tell.

That is, I'm also not the feminine type. I'm LOUD.


I'm Expressive. (my classmates can attribute to that trait......LOLz)

I'm not the Clean Cut type of girl, although I wouldn't mind a guy who is Clean Cut. Strange as it is. I like those who have that kind of look. I don't like guys who look any different however.

I prefer a guy who is more open minded and a bit wild.

But yet, serious in his work.


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