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6 degrees of separation.

Theoretically speaking, about six degrees separates us from that one contact point between each other?
Well, I think Friendster has proven that.

Actually, I'm referring to the Trinity Home.

Last Saturday, my CG took the kids from Trinity Home and Little Lamps to KLCC....

Well, these are not 3 or 4 years olds. The kids range from as young as 5 to teens. Each adult who went, had to attend to one kid. Mine was a sprightly 11 year old. Actually, it was this sprightly boy, by the name of Shane from Little Lamps, but he took an attachment to Sophia instead, so I took Jasmine. WHO was just probably the female version of Shane. *LoLz*.
Those kids can REALLY tire you out, you know that?? Ha ha ha.

Anyway, one of my friends asked for the number of the Home, so that their company could do their social work contribution. *Awwwwwww*

I have finally spoken my peace.

Well, Liverpool won 2-1 against Juventus in their Champions League quarter final at Anfield this morning. Hah!
There's the Chelsea game tonight. Most definitely, my brother will be up and about with his ear phone tonight! *LoLz*.

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