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April 27th


April 27th

Today I went to watch a movie with Asta. We watched the movie, Coach Carter.

Its a good movie, especially if u want to be a high school teacher and u want to motivate teenagers.

Yeah, and if u like basketball.

Yesterday, one of my kids, Ching Wen was not feeling well. He puked in the car.
So today, I asked him how was he or if he was feeling any better?

He said yes. I asked him , did u pray when you were sick?
He said yes. Then I asked him, whom did u pray to? Did you pray to God?
He said I prayed to Jesus.
So I asked, did Jesus heal you?
He said, Yes, he did.
Then I asked, Where does Jesus lives?
He said Jesus lives in my heart.
Can you feel him in your heart?
He said, Yes I can.

Woah. If only most adults can have the same kind of childlike faith he has, the Devil and the gates of Hell will be shaking!!

Ching Wen is only 6, and he's already decided to follow Jesus. I used to think 6 year olds couldn't make their own decisions, but this one kid sure is able to think and reason for himself compared to many of the ones in class. I've been to his house before, and his entire front door is covered with those Buddhist prayer sheets. He tells me that his parents are into Buddha teachings, but he decided not to.

I once asked him, is anyone in your family a Christian? He said his grandfather was.

I told him that I am will never ever put my faith, or pray or bow down to any porcelain or wooden statue or tree, because in the case of a tsunami ever happening, what would happen to it?
Ching Wen could give me the answer. There goes my same answer as well!

If the statue or tree cant save itself, it definitely cant save me or him either!
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Here I am to Worship.


Here I am to Worship.

Light of the world

You stepped down into darkness

Opened my eyes

Let me see

Beauty that make this heart adore you

Hope of a life

Spent with you

And here I am to worship

Here I am to bow down

Here I am to say that you're my God

You're all together lovely

Altogether worthy

Altogether wonderful to me

King of all days

Oh so highly exalted

Glorious in heaven above

Humbly you came

To the earth you created

All for love's sake

Became poor

I'll never know how much it cost

To see my sin upon that cross

I'll never know how much it cost

To see my sin upon that cross

And I'll never know how much it cost

To see my sin upon that cross

No I'll never know how much it cost

To see my sin upon that cross

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And the Truth shall set you free.


And the Truth shall set you free.

This evening, I went for CG at FGA.

It was raining quite bad. The two groups, Connexions and Rugged were there. Since there were less people who turned up for Rugged, they decided to combine the worship service for both singing Malay worship songs...hahah...entire worship service singing in Malay.

Anyway, something that Laynie mentioned to me (during an outing out later after the CG) did make sense to me earlier. It is just that I never really thought about it, although it was on the back on my mind.

Well, the members of Connexions were wondering if I was going tonight. Anyway, after the worship service, I dragged Yin Yin to check out the bible study with the Rugged group, since we had never joined them for that before.

Hmmmmm. how shall I say it? Even Yin Yin observed that the Rugged group is a bit more noisy as compared to the Connexions, which is a bit mellow and down to earth. Winston had already said that it would be wise to actually check out both groups, so we would actually be able to find the group which actually matched and we would be most compatible to the group.

Eventually I would have to make a decision to join one of the groups. I wouldn't say that members of the Connexions group are not fun, but they are quite serious comparatively.
Just as I have to do this, I realise that too remains the same in other decisions of other areas of my life.

Ha ha ha ha.....

Which leads to the question, what kind of guy do you think would be suitable or compatible to me?
Let's not talk about values. Let's talk about compatibility of characters.

Laynie said that the type of guy who would most be compatible with me would be the type
who would be obedient to me, than I be obedient to him.

Strange as it is, I actually agree with her....... Ha ha ha ha ha

If there is one thing I do not like about a bf doing is questioning me where I go, or who I went out with.
I am the type who wouldn't mind sharing with them where I went, but if they demanded to know where I go or where I went, I would not tell.

That is, I'm also not the feminine type. I'm LOUD.


I'm Expressive. (my classmates can attribute to that trait......LOLz)

I'm not the Clean Cut type of girl, although I wouldn't mind a guy who is Clean Cut. Strange as it is. I like those who have that kind of look. I don't like guys who look any different however.

I prefer a guy who is more open minded and a bit wild.

But yet, serious in his work.

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Mini Explorace.


Mini Explorace.


You know what, the last time I took part in a Treasure Hunt was when I was 13 or 14??

That was so so so LONG AGO.


Anyway, I joined the Rugged CG for their treasure hunt around Klang Valley yesterday.

First, we met up at FGA Basement 4. I didn't know anyone there except for Winston.

I signed up, got assigned to a group, and by 9.45am, we were up with our first task, and headed to Bangsar for our first task...

We managed to find 4 out of 5 pictures on the Jln Telawis. Tiring , but no less fun...hehe.

Then we drove down to the National Museum for our 2nd task.

The entire treasure hunt ended at about almost 1.30pm?

After which, we headed off to Ming Tien in SS2 for lunch. The Rugged CG is quite a huge group, compared to the Connexions CG.

Anyway, Winston asked me to make up my mind on which CG to join.

Okay, anyway, after lunch, which was about almost 4pm, I got home and slept until 5.30, and then made my way to Winston's. Jason came to pick us up and then went to pick David at Sri Petaling. We were going to celebrated Por Vin's birthday at some hotel in Shah Alam.
We all made our way to SS2 to wait for other members. Damn. Dinner was so filling.

By the time dinner was done, it was almost 12, so Jason sent us back using the Federal Highway.

Ok, even better news. On the way back, Jason's car had a bit of problem with his back tyre and it was making a lot of noise. This was at MIDNIGHT!! in the middle of a highway!!
Can you believe that??

We managed to arrive at David's safely (his house wasn't that far away), and tried to change the tyre but to no avail, because the rim was so tightly stuck to the tyre....

FORTUNATELY, God was gracious to us all.......
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The story of Christ's Salvation


The story of Christ's Salvation

Why was it that God send Christ to die for the people?

The story of salvation cannot be retold without the story of Adam.
Adam, in the Garden of Eden, disobeyed Jehovah. Jehovah had specifically told Adam not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yet, the snake, (The Devil, or Lucifer otherwise known as), tricked Eve, and finally culminated in Adam disobeying Jehovah.

As a result of it, Jehovah punished both man (he would have to work hard of the ground!) , woman (especially in labour pains!) and especially the snake (who will be enemy of both Man & Woman).

After Adam disobeyed God, sin entered the world and is passed down to every other human on Earth!

All Have Sinned and Fall Short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23)

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(Romans 6:23)

Jehovah could not communicate with the people face-to-face.
Although God used many methods, the “prophet” was the most recognized form of divine communication.

1 Now a high priest is a man chosen to represent other human beings in their dealings with God.
He presents their gifts to God and offers their sacrifices for sins.
2 And because he is human, he is able to deal gently with the people, though they are ignorant and wayward. For he is subject to the same weaknesses they have.
3 That is why he has to offer sacrifices, both for their sins and for his own sins.
4 And no one can become a high priest simply because he wants such an honor. He has to be called by God for this work, just as Aaron was. (Hebrews 5: 1-4 )

8 So even though Jesus was God's Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered.
9 In this way, God qualified him as a perfect High Priest, and he became the source of eternal salvation for all those who obey him.

7 But only the high priest goes into the Most Holy Place, and only once a year, and always with blood, which he offers to God to cover his own sins and the sins the people have committed in ignorance.
8 By these regulations the Holy Spirit revealed that the Most Holy Place was not open to the people as long as the first room and the entire system it represents were still in use.
9 This is an illustration pointing to the present time. For the gifts and sacrifices that the priests offer are not able to cleanse the hearts of the people who bring them. (Hebrews 9: 7-9)

16 Now when someone dies and leaves a will, no one gets anything until it is proved that the person who wrote the will is dead.
17 The will goes into effect only after the death of the person who wrote it. While the person is still alive, no one can use the will to get any of the things promised to them.
18 That is why blood was required under the first covenant as a proof of death.

22In fact, we can say that according to the law of Moses, nearly everything was purified by sprinkling with blood. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins.

Hebrews 10:
12 But Christ gave himself to God for our sins as one sacrifice for all time, and then sat down in the place of highest honour at God's right hand.
19 And so, dear brothers now we may walk right into the very Holy of Holies where God is because of the blood of Jesus.

Christ gave Himself as the sacrificial lamb and therefore, once and for all, cancelled the Old System (in the Old Testament) therefore, no more animal sacrifices were ever and would ever be required for forgiveness,
and therefore became the High Priest for all and both the Jews and Gentiles (anyone who IS NOT a Jew).

The people no longer had to go through a High Priest because Christ IS the New System. Everyone could "walk" into the Most Holy Place (which in the Old Testament was the holiest place in the synagogue or temple), and anyone else who dared to walked in would be struck DEAD!

Jesus said to them, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me" (John 14:6).

9But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong. (1 John 1: 9)

"... confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, (and) you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved." (Romans 10:9-10.)
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April 17th.


April 17th.

I haven't been writing for a while. Well, since Monday anyway.
The thing is, I don't know what to write. there's nothing interesting going on in my life, besides work.

Well, the only thing I've done this week is just shut myself in my room everyday.
The only thing I do is read the Bible, underlining scriptures and praying. I don't even watch television.
There's nothing to watch anyway. Maybe cartoons or TVIQ, Discovery Channel, or Travel and Adventure. etc.

Hmm yeah, and I got quite a fever on Friday and a flu which was pretty bad then. Thankfully, its all almost gone today, and its Sunday. I asked my friends to pray for me on Thursday and Friday itself. Well, these friends aren't those necessarily from my church.
My fever was quite bad, I didn't even go for my night classes at Summit. I felt faintish the entire morning.
Just stayed home and rested and entertained myself with the maids. Ha ha.
Hei man, I had faith it would be better by Sunday, and it did!. Well, Praise the Lord then!

On Saturday, I went for this healing and restoration "retreat" in USJ.
It was about breaking free of all past spiritual, emotional , physical and sexual sin bondages. What we did was I wrote out every name that I had in mind to do with my past, renounced it and prayed over it. How do I feel?
Well, I can't exactly tell you, but perhaps I could tell you after one week, and see what difference has been made.

Went for CG in FGA on Saturday evening. It was a combined CG. Then after, we went for dinner at Kuchai's. I met the Rugged CG group. Seems that they have plans for the upcoming Thursday public holiday. Well, we'll see if I join them or i make plans of my own by then. But, treasure hunt? That sounds exciting!! ha ha.
After dinner, they wanted to go to some "Wah-Wah" place (WHATEVER that is) in Hartamas. I thought, nah, I may have received healing, but I am only just recovering. That is no way I'm going to stress my body out just so that I will join them Rugged and Connexions for some outing somewhere. Besides, there's always another time anyway. Anyway, I got Winston's number! Hah. So, I'm not worried!

Nothing much interesting of late. Liverpool and Juventus 0-0. Man, that must have been an exciting game.....and now its the Red vs Blues. My brother will definitely be up on the 27th of April to witness the beautiful game. Lolz.

Of late, I've mostly been praying a lot. I pray for practically all my friends. Up from my college mates (that I do meet!) to my current friends. Well, mostly the ones that I am in contact with to my cousins that I hardly meet up and even for my ex bf. Well, isn't that amazing? I especially pray more, if I know that I will be meeting up with them. and I pray more especially for those that I don't get along with the most.
Where do I pray? Mostly in the car when I am alone by myself and I am driving. Ya, I pray AS I drive the car along. Well, this is something I read that another brother did. It helps us not think too much of the traffic, and keeps my mind occupied when I drive with something to do anyways.

A friend asked me, what's with my being involved with the church of late?
I thought about it, and I think, I kinda know the answer, but sometimes the answer is delayed until later.

There will be a time in an individual's life, where they will finally make the decision whether to be lackadaisal in their faith or not. Unfortunately, it is normally after a stressful or traumatic event, that a person will finally turn to Christ or think about God at such times. As it is, even Christ says, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven, how true it is it applies to us humans.
Well, it is the sick that needs a doctor, and not the one who is well!

For me, it strengthened my faith than the less of it. I think it started when I decided that enough was enough and that it was finally time for me to obey the Great Commission, and that I finally asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I didn't know if I had it with me all this while, but I can be sure for now.
I know not how the Holy Spirit will lead me, but I am praying for the good fight of faith.
For all believers out there, pray the good fight of faith for me, that I will not lose hope and back to that broad road that leads not to salvation....
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The Be Attitudes.


The Be Attitudes.

3“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.

5Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.

6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.

7Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.

8Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.

9Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called sons of God.

10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3-10.
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Historical evidence of the Bible.

Historical evidence of the Bible.

A friend asked me, How do you know if the Bible is historically accurate?

Historical fact is the basis of Christian faith.

Quran vs Bible Historical Evidence
Historical Errors of the Quran
Facts vs Revelations in Quran
Spotlights on Muslim Misconceptions.

Killing of the Amalekites

If the Bible is not historically accurate, and there were no witnesses, then whatever I believe is a lie.

Well, for one, first things first, the Bible consists of two major parts, one which is the Old Testament and the other, the New Testament.

The Old Testament talks about the history of the nation of Israel. It talks about how the Jewish people came into existence, so as the Arabs too.
The New Testament talks about the birth and cruxification of Christ, and the 12 disciples, and the history of the first church and finally, Revelations.

Well, I can't prove it to you. You have to make your own observations and research to make it true. To your ownself anyway.

But here are some facts that I know.
-The Old Testament talks about the ancestors of Christ, and how Christ is the last person mentioned in his family, before the Bible switches to the history of the First Church.
-Abraham is the ancestor of Christ. Abraham is the father of Isaac, and Isaac is the father of Israel. The nation of Israel came from Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel later).
-The nation of Israel has 12 major tribes, from Jacob's main 12 sons and descendents.
-King David is the ancestor of Jesus.
-Both Mary and Joseph are descendents of King David, that is why they had to go back to Bethlehem, which is the census given by Caesar to the people to have a headcount.
-Caesar was a real person. Roman ruler at that!
-Pilate was a Roman consul at that. He was a witness to Christ's cruxification.
-The Bible has 40 writers, and each book in the Bible DOES NOT contradict each other.
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The past 3 months.


The past 3 months.

Yesterday, I went for CG at FGA at 5, at Horeb Room, the old Block. Asta came to wait for me there before KT came to pick us up. It so happened that KK and KT's sis came along. Well, KK drove anyway.

All 5 of us watched "The Beautiful Washing Machine". What can I comment on the movie?
The only thing I can say is that you have to watch it for yourself, because I can't really describe the movie myself either. But Asta was laughing and laughing throughout the movie, and it affected me as well.
So we both started laughing like mad cows throughout the movie, and the rest of the audiene (which was probably only about less than half of the small hall) probably heard us because the both of us were so loud.

Its important that I go for CG, to have like-minded believers to fellowship and study the Word together. It is important that we pray and fellowship together, because believers were not asked to grow in faith alone, as one mature believer will help another grow in faith and consecrate their faith.

Last week we went to KLCC with the orphans. Yesterday, I was the last one to share a testimony, saying that it's wonderful God could use me, as the link to bless the orphans through my other friends. Isn't it wonderful how God can work through others? This particular orphanage is a privately funded orphanage so the couple who run it are running at their own funds.

Today, whilst at church, I manage to find some chinese booklets on Matthew and Mark. It is extremely useful because my Chinese sucks (both mandarin and cantonese, no less). so having literature really helps to reinforce my sharing, or at least point others towards that direction.

There's this really lovely malay song, Yang Terutama that I have been constantly humming since last evening.
The link for the chords are here.

Yang Terutama Di dalam hidup ini,
Memuliakan nama Yesus,
Yang Terutama Di dalam hidup ini,
Meninggikan NamaNya.

Halleluyah, Halleluyah,
Saya mau cinta Yesus,
Halleluyah, Halleuyah,
Saya mau cinta Yesus.

Yesterday, when Kien came to pick me up for CG, I found this book in his car entitled The Circumcised Heart, written by a Malay guy, Hilmy Nor, who was imprisoned by the ISA for 2 years during the Operation Lallang in 1987. It talks about his conversion, and the struggles that he had to go through in those 14 months.

I can only truly be amazed at the kind of faith, that a fellow Malay, in such times, as compared to a chinese or indian who can freely convert any time they want. I am more amazed that the book was even allowed to be published. He married a chinese wife, and even took up a Masters in Theology in Canada.
Amazing what the Lord can do when his believers have faith!

The past three months have been a trial to me. Both emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes problems of the heart can really take its toll by affecting the rest of the physique. I really have nothing much to comment on it, since I have been blogging a lot on it anyway.

More amazing is that, I realised that throughout the whole time, God has been faithful to me and shown me his love and protection, both emotionally and spiritually.
It is amazing that God can use someone who is an unbeliever to show me how much love, care and protection one can have for other. It really has convicted my heart, that I could only say how blessed and praise His name for His faithfulness to me!

There are times that I would like to give in to my own will, but the Word has been written.
If trust in Him, and lean not on my own understanding, and acknowledge Him in all my ways, He will guide my path. The crux of the matter is, how much faith and how much trust do I have in Him?

Of course, if I would only believe, great things will happen to me, Matthew 6:33.

Indeed, I know that great things will happen to me, because the Lord has plans to prosper and not harm me, and give me hope and future. Jer 29:11.
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A computer in my room


A computer in my room

I just dragged a computer in my room. Had to clear the table for the space, coz my room has absolutely no space to put a table computer.

Guess what is the first thing I installed? Photoshop Elements and WarCraft 3!!

Ok, I seriously suck at the game. I'm still at the Human campaigns, and I keep restarting the game when it reaches half time because I almost keep dying. Whatever. It is training ground.....*damn* was never good at Strategy games. Played until 4.30 am last night. Well, wonders of wonders for someone who hasn't played strategy games in ages. Lolz.

Maybe I should just stick to Need For Speed and The Sims after all. (if I have those games either! Ha ha. )

My computer in the hall doesn't have the capacity to maintain these games, so I never played any of it all this while. Hopefully when I get the computer in my room networked, then we can all play and challenge each other, yeah? ;-)

I just joined this Lee Hom event thingy contest on I'll win tickets. Lolz. Nevermind that my Mandarin sucks big time as well. LOLz.

Got my car to the workshop earlier. Hope to get it in good condition later tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope that the fella doesn't overcharge me for the services...but my mom says they can't overcharge too much for an old car....AIYA. You sure or not?? Don't be too sure lar.
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Committing my problems to Him.


Committing my problems to Him.

Luke 6:

27“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 32“If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ do that.

35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

Who said praying for those you don't like and love is easy? Well, initially it is difficult, but as you go along, it becomes easy as practice comes. And yes, PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Luke 6: 45 The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.

What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. ( James 4: 1-2)

1 Corinthians 13: 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not selfseeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

This is so indeedly true. For me to speak of love to another, is not what I want, and yet, I want to serve and protect another, because I do not want to bring up evil and show evil from my heart. It is the right thing for me to do. To speak words of life to one another, and build each other up. Only God knows how much trouble and worries each one of us has to face each day.

Isn't it beautiful that the Lord makes me say things which are not my own, but that glorify His greatness and His righteousness? So that I could be used as an instrument to testify of His goodness and bring Glory to His name. Amen!

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Carrying the Cross.


Carrying the Cross.

Whoever thought that carrying the Cross could be so heavy?

There are times when I focus too much on the circumstances and I let it overwhelm me, but yet I am asked to look and focus me eyes on the Lord and let him do the work for me instead.

Please pray for me that I will be strong spiritually.
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6 degrees of separation.


6 degrees of separation.

Theoretically speaking, about six degrees separates us from that one contact point between each other?
Well, I think Friendster has proven that.

Actually, I'm referring to the Trinity Home.

Last Saturday, my CG took the kids from Trinity Home and Little Lamps to KLCC....

Well, these are not 3 or 4 years olds. The kids range from as young as 5 to teens. Each adult who went, had to attend to one kid. Mine was a sprightly 11 year old. Actually, it was this sprightly boy, by the name of Shane from Little Lamps, but he took an attachment to Sophia instead, so I took Jasmine. WHO was just probably the female version of Shane. *LoLz*.
Those kids can REALLY tire you out, you know that?? Ha ha ha.

Anyway, one of my friends asked for the number of the Home, so that their company could do their social work contribution. *Awwwwwww*

I have finally spoken my peace.

Well, Liverpool won 2-1 against Juventus in their Champions League quarter final at Anfield this morning. Hah!
There's the Chelsea game tonight. Most definitely, my brother will be up and about with his ear phone tonight! *LoLz*.
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Matthew 10:37-38.


Matthew 10:37-38.

Matthew 10:37-38 states:
"Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me".

Yet again, Luke 12:51-53 states:
"Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each ohter, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law".

William Fay states in his book that "when you surrender your life to Christ, it may cost you every relationship you have. You truly have to die to yourself, follow Christ and leave your loved ones behind".

This is the price I'm paying. I made the decision, and I'm carrying the Cross. But there is no greater reward that is more fulfilling and satisfying than obeying the commandments and standards that have been laid out for me and knowing the reward that stands before me at the end of my life.

I have my principles. I have my faith. And I have my beliefs. I know that I would not settle for anything less than what I deserve, nor would I settle for any substandard treatment.

How can people have respect for me, if I don't have respect for myself?
Yet again, if I don't speak up for what I believe in, but only much later, people would lose whatever respect for me because I was too weak to speak up on it.

I pray that He will help me see this, and give me strength when I need it most, and as he has said to Peter, "Devil, get behind me!".

1 Corinthians 10:13 states;
No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.
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Saturday mornings.

Saturday mornings.

Saturday mornings are the best time to sleep in....Don't ya think so?
Oh, well. It depends lar.

Anyway, today I woke up at 7.20am. The handphone alarm rang at 6.40am, and there I was wondering, was it 6.40 or was it 7.40 I was supposed to be out? Hmmm...
Mandy called me exactly at 7.30am. I was online checking my email and went off by 7.40.
Drove to the morning market, and found a parking space near Yoke Nam school.

*DAMN*. I knew that place sure would be congested even at 7.30am in the morning!!

Ah, the Morning Market!! I have not ventured into that place this early, well, not since I went jogging with Ben last year. Speaking of which, I thnk it is about time we did that again. *Lolz*. The car workshop near BP still had not opened when I arrived yet.

The sights and sounds. The chirping. The people talking. People traipsing all over the place with their ware and purchases of mest and vegetables and home ware.

And *nasi lemak*!!! Yummy! *Mouth Waters!*

Anyway, apparently there was a miscommunication between Mandy and I this morning. She went to the other morning market over at Jln Lazat, whereas I went to the morning market at OUG. There is a 7-11 at both places, so basically we were both at different wavelengths when she mentioned the 7-11.

So, by the time we met up, it was 8.20am. Ha ha......I ran out to spy for her car, and she finally parked her car. Right near the YokeNam school. There's plenty of parking space near the school, but I'm sure, that on a school day, the place would be congested no less.

I went straight to the market to get nasi lemak. Yummy. With cuttlefish!!! *mouth watering*.
Mandy ordered PenangKeowTeow, whereas I had a really spicy affair with the "fats rice"
He he.
Bought some "glutinous balls" for my parents to eat. You know, those balls with loh mai rolled up into a ball with flour. Delicious!! Heh.

When we were eating breakfast, we started talking about the MCI examinations. Now, you know, the MCI exams are very very very academic. As those who were acquainted with me during my MCI examination period last year...
(MCI stands for Montessori Centre International).

One has to memorise so many things, understand the bloody philosophy and the sequence of activities behind it.
Damn. And what do u get? A very lowly mark. But damn, I sure enjoyed myself during those pressuring periods. It sure FELT GOOD. Heh.
Yeah, I told her about that ...dunno how she'll take to it lar. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, FYI, I passed all 3 of my USQ BECh subjects!!! HOORAY!!!!
I passed units: Learning about Play, Communication Scholarship and finally, Art & Craft.

Alright. I was panickingly waiting for my results for the past many many weeks. Well, I scored at 34/50 for my Play 2nd essay. Which is COOL!!! Ha ha.. I'm so Happy!!!!

*Starts jumping and dancing around the room*

*does a twirl around the room*



*falls on the floor and starts laughing!*


Anyway, for this semester, I'll only be doing 1 internal unit, which is Nursery Management course....I had my first class last night. It is *dull*.....I know that, from the response of the other students...and very very abstract.

One was *doodling* on the paper, some were almost falling asleep, and another few more were playing with their handphone during the lesson........
I think our lecturer, Dr.Irene realized that ......lolz...(she's a PhD holder, and not a GP, that is.). Ha ha...but she could not really do much about it.

I had to go down to the food stall nearby to get some food to keep me *awake*. Lolz.
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Fool..Fool....April FOOL!!!!! Ha ha....


Fool..Fool....April FOOL!!!!! Ha ha....

There's not many times a year where our cheekiness......or all of us would let our cheekiness come into a play.


For me, it started the night before....
and I was truly aware of it the next day..

I can't believe my colleagues would try to play such a *lame* one on me...Ha ha

The moment Vani & Ambigai saw me, they said, "hei , hei, why is that man, your neigbhour calling you?? HE was calling you earlier lar!!"
Eh, really lar!!!!
I shoook my head and smiled.

Then later, Roshan gave me a similar version and said, "you know ah, your neigbhour gave me a card and flowers for you lar."....
I smiled and grinned widely at her........
"ok lar, you got get the card for me lar" ;-)

Eh, they all play the trick on you already ah?
I started laughing.

Of course the best one was to do with the other colleagues. As you may know, the 6 yrs kids are going for the field trip.

When Ambigai came in, Roshan told her, "hei, the principal asked you to join the field trip."
"Really ah?" (Ambigai's class wasn't going, so she was not supposed to go).
"I have to call my mom to tell her I'm late then".

Then Ambigai ran to the phone....and picked up the phone and started to call..
Roshan started to laugh..
No No lar!! It's an April Fool's Joke lar!"

The administrator, Mercy was next to get sucked in by the joke....
Ambigai: Hei, Mercy! Mercy! The phone rang just now lar!!! It rang 5 times lar! Aiyo, dunno who call ah. Maybe Mrs. _ called just now lar!!

Mercy: really ah?!!! Aiyo Aiyo.!!! How ah.?
(then she quickly unlocked the door and picked up the phone, ready to call.........

Ambigai started laughing. It's April Fool lar!!

Next was Bee Sien:
Ambigai went up to Bee Sien and told her..
Ambigai: Hei, the principal called you lar....ya lar. Very urgent. Dunno why also.
Bee Sien: Really ah?? Ok, I go down.

Bee Sien reaches the office: The principal is on the phone.
So Bee Sien stands around and waits .........

The principal gets off the phone. She doesn't look at Bee Sien, so Bee Sien speaks to the Principal instead.
BeeSien: Uh, Mrs_, yes, you called for me?
Principal:, I didn't call you. Yes, what is the matter?
Ambigai and Vani started laughing outside!

Then Lilian got tricked next.
Ambigai: " Hei, Lilian, the principal asked you to go for the field trip lar."
"Really ah?"
"OH....Really ah....But I'm dressed like to go? In high heels and all".
"You sure or not?"
"Ya lar...."

Then Lilian, carrying her handbag with a worried look walking up and down, then went traipsing around the office......

Lilian: Aiya, I dont know. I am not dressed properly for the field trip..lar.
Who will look after my class?"
Mercy: "Aiya, Chea Yee will mah.."
Lilian: Sure ah?
I was there listening, and shrugged my shoulders (i was not into the joke then...).

The principal is outside the office. But doesn't say anythng when she sees Lilian.
Lilian (to the principal): Ummm......Mrs _, am I going to go for the field trip? If I am, how about my kids?.

Then the other colleagues started laughing loudly.
The principal didn't say anything but just smiled.
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Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Why have U forsaken me??

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Why have U forsaken me??

Psalms 22

1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far from saving me,
so far from the words of my groaning?
2 O my God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer,
by night, and am not silent.

3 Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One;
you are the praise of Israel. [a]
4 In you our fathers put their trust;
they trusted and you delivered them.
5 They cried to you and were saved;
in you they trusted and were not disappointed.

6 But I am a worm and not a man,
scorned by men and despised by the people.
7 All who see me mock me;
they hurl insults, shaking their heads:
8 "He trusts in the LORD ;
let the LORD rescue him.
Let him deliver him,
since he delights in him."

9 Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you
even at my mother's breast.
10 From birth I was cast upon you;
from my mother's womb you have been my God.
11 Do not be far from me,
for trouble is near
and there is no one to help.

12 Many bulls surround me;
strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.
13 Roaring lions tearing their prey
open their mouths wide against me.
14 I am poured out like water,
and all my bones are out of joint.
My heart has turned to wax;
it has melted away within me.
15 My strength is dried up like a potsherd,
and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth;
you lay me [b] in the dust of death.
16 Dogs have surrounded me;
a band of evil men has encircled me,
they have pierced [c] my hands and my feet.
17 I can count all my bones;
people stare and gloat over me.
18 They divide my garments among them
and cast lots for my clothing.

19 But you, O LORD , be not far off;
O my Strength, come quickly to help me.
20 Deliver my life from the sword,
my precious life from the power of the dogs.
21 Rescue me from the mouth of the lions;
save [d] me from the horns of the wild oxen.

22 I will declare your name to my brothers;
in the congregation I will praise you.
23 You who fear the LORD , praise him!
All you descendants of Jacob, honor him!
Revere him, all you descendants of Israel!
24 For he has not despised or disdained
the suffering of the afflicted one;
he has not hidden his face from him
but has listened to his cry for help.

25 From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly;
before those who fear you [e] will I fulfill my vows.
26 The poor will eat and be satisfied;
they who seek the LORD will praise him-
may your hearts live forever!
27 All the ends of the earth
will remember and turn to the LORD ,
and all the families of the nations
will bow down before him,
28 for dominion belongs to the LORD
and he rules over the nations.

29 All the rich of the earth will feast and worship;
all who go down to the dust will kneel before him-
those who cannot keep themselves alive.
30 Posterity will serve him;
future generations will be told about the Lord.
31 They will proclaim his righteousness
to a people yet unborn-
for he has done it.
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Oh Lord, how long must I wait?? Just how long more??

Oh Lord, how long must I wait?? Just how long more??

Psalms 13

1 How long, O LORD ? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
2 How long must I wrestle with my thoughts
and every day have sorrow in my heart?
How long will my enemy triumph over me?

3 Look on me and answer, O LORD my God.
Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep in death;
4 my enemy will say, "I have overcome him,"
and my foes will rejoice when I fall.

5 But I trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
6 I will sing to the LORD ,
for he has been good to me.
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