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Wesak Day: Conversation with Nicholas Chin.

Here's another conversation I had with a kid about the Wesak Day thingy. It is with Nicholas Chin, a 4 year old. And ENTIRELY in Cantonese.

Me: So, did you go to the temple on Sunday?
Nicholas: Yes, I did. My dad took you there?
Me: Only your dad?
N: My mom went. My sister went also.
Me: So, where is this templed that you went to?
N: It's nearby my house in Puchong.
Me: Ahh...okay. So, what did u do there?
N: pray to god.
Me: ah..pray to god...who is it did you pray to?
N: "Leong Leong".
Me: Leong Leong? Who is that?
N: Leong leong la......
(I think this is the Queen Goddess "Leong Leong" in the Chinese dieties that I watched on some Cantonese series on TV2 not too long ago...)

Me: how does she look like?
N: very tall. Very white....
Me: Uh....okay....
N: We took some flowers for shower.
Me: Flowers for shower? Whatever it that?
N: Supposed that "Leong Leong" will protect us because we bathe with it.
Me: Umm..okay..... So, what is that string you wear on your hand (referring to the yellow string).
N: I also don't know.
Me: You know what the flowers are for, but you don't know what the string is for?
N: Don't know want ah.
Me: Were those chrysanthemum flowers that your mother got?
N: I think so.
Me: where did you get the string from?
N: Daddy took it for us.
Me: Where did your dad take it from?
N: I don't know. My dad took it for us from the temple.
Me: So, how did you use the flowers? Wat it in a tub or a shower? As in, is it the stand shower, or the tub?
N: Stand also got. Tub also got.
Me: Wait, so you are saying that your mom used the flowers in the tub, right?
N: I think so. I think it is the tub. But stand also got. Mommy lets me shower by myself at home. My auntie (the one that I send to) don't let me shower by myself.
Me: Your aunt? I know the way your aunt is! She doesn't even allow you to open the car door! Do you think she will let you shower by yourself?! Your aunt is so very protective lar!

-Needless to say, it is rare you can find 4 year olds to have a conversation with adults. Half of the kids in school, the older ones that is, though they may be 6 years, cant actually engage in a "adult-like conversation" with adults. Ching Wen and Nicholas are among the few so far that have been able to do so.
Most of them may be able to understand what you say, but they could not give you the answers that you may require.
(Now you know why I like to use Nicholas for my observations, eh?!!)

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