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A walk to remember

Today I stayed home the entire day to rest.
Practised the organ in the morning. Watched tv the rest of the day...2 tv movies in fact.

The first being A Walk to Remember (Mandy Moore and Shane West), and second being Phantom (starring Billy Zane).
I cried a bit after watching A Walk to Remember. It was...touching in that sense. I like it that her character was very strong although in the movie, the the girl's character was suffering from cancer.
The Phantom was.....well...okay lar.... I think A Walk to Remember was more thoughtful in the after sense that is.

Anyway, my parents are coming tonight!! After being away on holidays for one week to China. My brother is off to Singapore for about 15 days training. Ok, seriously speaking, the Atos is only terrible car to use. I'm afraid that the car could get unbalanced any moment (it seems rather unstable) . Not to mention that it has a slow pick up.
The Waja on the other hand, is much better. It does have its problems. My mom's audio is not working at all. but at least it's stable and feels grander. Lolz.

WHen I drove it down to Eugene's work place and was picking him up, he was looking high and low for my old jalopy (yeah, yeah), but couldn't find it. He thought I drove a a black metallic BMW. ha ha....that will be the day lar...Oh I wouldn't mind driving one. Just that it is too expensive to maintain in the long run. So, nah!!

In the evening, I went to FGA for a combined CG (of all the other CGs). Its rarely that they have a combined CG, and so happened that this week that they have it. So, lucky me lar.
Past9r. Pat (she didn't look like a pastor to me, however!) took down my email and said she would email the list of activities.

The CG is planning to take the orphans from the Trinity Home to the Zoo on 2nd April at 1.20pm. Hmmm...See first lar.

Ok, the group is actually a hilarious bunch. Man...from the onset, you'd probably think they looked pretty boring, but once we settled in after the meeting for dinner at Kuchai's, the things they talk about's not that the group talks dirty or starts swearing (obviously they won't do that), but it's how they are being sarcastic to one another and that all.

Pastor Pat and this other guy are Liverpool fans. Brandon is a Chelsea fan. I'm not sure what team Simon vouching for (I think it is M.U). So the Chelsea fan start to say that Liverpool fans in the UK were very hooliganistic, so the ears of the Liverpool fans there perked up and started to listen....ha ha.
That's why I say Liverpool fans are very......*fill in the blanks yourself*.

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