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Unseen spirits in your home?

Ok. I *seriously* look *TERRIBLE*.

I definitely look terrible. I think. Ok, I don't look that bad...but nah. My face is still bloody swollen up. and it will be so for the next few days. I can't eat hard food, and I can't drink cold water. This is some serious shit, man.I need to get a filling done on the tooth on the right side of my jaw.

My jaw still HURTS. I'm on painkillers and antibiotics every few hours for the next couple of days. DAMN.

Well, anyway, I was reading this book that belongs to my dad, on Power Evangelism: Signs and Wonders. It talks about the culture background that most of us comes from, whether it be from the Western worldview or Eastern worldview, and how it affects those believers who convert to Christianity.

As it is, the Trinity is made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Power Evangelism talks about heeding the nudging of the Holy Spirit to evangelise. But this is neglected, because many modern Christians don't believe in the Holy Spirit or that the Holy Spirit was only for those Early Church Believers in the first century. That does not make them any less "Christian" however, but it just makes their walk with God less fulfilling, satisfying and powerful.

Yet it is written that it in HIS name that whoever believes and calls in His Name, would have the same power NOW as it was THEN to cast out demons and spirits as the Early Church believers had done so.

Mark 16:17-18
These signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will drive out demons, they will speak new languages. They will pick up serpents (with their hands), and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them. They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."

Criticism Forestaller: Now, this is not telling anyone to STUPIDLY go around drinking poison, playing with snakes and going into occult practice. You may be stupid, but please DON't BE so Stupid. Even God can't help the really STUPID who want to challenge God in hoping that God will redeem them from their stupid acts. Comprendo?

Even the modern churches in the Western worldview don't believe in it and many are afraid of unleashing and depending on the Holy Spirit as it is something "not rational". They don't believe in signs and wonders and that demons and devils can and could be the cause of problems that they do not realise. Curses are just as strong, because they can bind in your unbelief and cause bitterness of heart and wreck your health.

Whereas, for those who came from a background with the Eastern Worldview, animism or believing that spirits inhabit things, creatures and creations is something that is very common to us and that they are a cause of many unseen problems that we do not realise.

However, the Bible states in many occasions and instances that there ARE spirits and demons inhabiting creatures, people, and these spirits and demons are the cause of many sicknesses , storms in the sea (remember when Jesus walked on the water?), and he drove out many demons and spirits out of people. In fact, Jesus did more acts of casting out demons and healing the sick than preaching the word.

When I was very young, about 9 years old, my father brought me and my brother to the playground. My dad was playing soccer with my brother. Somehow or another, the ball got kicked into this chinese alter and my father went to retrieve it from the alter. Immediately, my father felt a pain in his leg. This is most probable to the fact that my dad had "invaded" the "territory" of the spirit that was living within the alter when he went to retrieve the ball back. My dad quickly prayed. The pain did go away and he had to rest after that, so he didn't continue the game. I can still remember that very incident although I was very young then. And no, my dad didn't have to get a pastor or a priest to pray for him, because it was not necessary for him, as he already had the power vested IN him to do so.

Oh, dont' you know that there are spirits living within every alter regardless whether it is Hindu, Kwan Yin or the Kitchen God? No one asked you to go around STUPIDLY provoking these spirits unless you want to get into trouble. Even the yellow "fu" that the chinese people get from the temple have a certain spirit living within it. Putting it on is easy. It is the removing of the alter or whatever thing that the Buddhist priest gave you is the difficult part because you may provoke the spirit within it.

I take an example of a story that Jeff's friend related to me. When his friend went to Eastern Malaysia, the family members bought some totem pole souvenirs from some cultural centre and brought it home. Somehow or anothr, by God's hand, a sister of the friend (with a gift to see spirits) saw the totem pole and could see a greenish like spirit appearing from the totem pole and it was laughing at her. The sister had to call an elder to come and pray and they manage to banish the spirit and burn the totem pole.
This is a reminder that do be careful when you do buy stuff from other cultures. These spirits may cause uneasiness or trouble in your homes if you are not careful or aware of it.

You don't ever know what you might be bringing back INTO your home.


John said...

You said "Power Evangelism talks about heeding the nudging of the Holy Spirit to evangelise. But this is neglected, because many modern Christians don't believe in the Holy Spirit or that the Holy Spirit was only for those Early Church Believers in the first century. That does not make them any less "Christian" however, but it just makes their walk with God less fulfilling, satisfying and powerful."
The gifts of the spirit do signify the true church. The reason that the gifts of the spirit stopped was that the true church was taken from the earth with the death of the apostles. The apostles were taken because of unbelief, and it was fortold that there would be a falling away. The gifts of the spirit are alive and well again and so are the apostles and the true church.

cheayee said...

The early disciples were fortunate to have spent 3 years walking, talking and being with Jesus before he died on the cross. They were more like Jesus being able to sit and talk with him.
All that remains from then are the recordings in the Bible. Yet as "Heaven and Earth will fade, but His Word will still Remain" is what is left of that legacy that remains for us till today 2,000 years later.

The Devil sure is one wickedly intelligent creature as he puts doubts and fear into mankind and tells us that the Holy Spirit is not one to be revered as part of the Trinity. In fact, I would believe that Mary is considered even more important in status in the Catholic teaching. Is that not true?

No less that this even cause rifts within the Christian fraternity itself among those who believe in the power and baptism of the Holy Spirit (and the power that comes fully with it) and those who dont. Of course, if Christians don't receive the full blessings that comes with the Holy Spirit, so much more better for the Devil and his army of little devils who would be sniggering gleefully on the side.

No one can go to the Father but through the Son. And it is through the Son that one receives forgiveness, but it is through the Holy Spirit that the power, blessings and breakthrough comes through.

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