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Last Cigarette:
Last Alcoholic Drink:
some hardly alcoholic drink, which made me got a red face.
Last Car Ride:
Uhh.....last night from prayer meet.
Last Kiss:
Feb 9th.
Last Good Cry:
On Wednesday. In the car when I was singing and driving at the same time. Lolz.
Last Library Book:
Ummmm. some time last year kwah.
Last book bought:
A music manuscript.
Last Book Read:
When Boy Meets Girl, by Joshua Harris.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:
Last Movie Rented:
Analyse That.
Last Cuss Word Uttered:
Last Beverage Drank:
Last Food Consumed:
Pancake for Breakfast.
Last Crush:
Eugene. I should think you'd have known that I was absolutely nuts abt him by now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Last Phone Call:
Vivien, yesterday to ask if I wanted to go for some seminar on Saturday.
Last TV Show Watched:
Some chinese series on tv (about gods and goddesses).
Last Time Showered:
Last night.
Last Shoes Worn:
Slippers from car to home
Last CD Played:
Uhh.........Passion of Christ.
Last Item Bought:
My lunch ... Prawn Meehoon.
Last Download:
Some stuff from JoJo.
Last Annoyance:
Having to constantly think about Christ.
Last Disappointment:
Uhhh.....which one do u want me to start with?
Last Soda Drank:
7 Up.
Last Thing Written:
an email.
Last Key Used:
Door key to open the door to my house
Last Words Spoken:
Arrggggghhhhhhhh!!! This morning when I left my room to go down for breakfast, and my dad said, Oi, come down for breakfast!
Last Sleep:
Last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:
Haven't. In ages.
Last Chair Sat In:
The one I'm in right now ...
Last Webpage Visited:

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