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Spiritual beings with Earthly bodies.

Today, I was sending one of my boys back, Ching Wen, who asked me "Did I tell you about my grandfather who passed away?" I nodded yes, although in actual fact, he didn't. So anyway, he started telling me about his grandfather.

"You know ah.....they put my grandfather in a box (coffin, he means). Then they burned him and put him in the temple.

So nowadays, we go to the temple a lot to pray. We bring food to the temple."

"Eh, who's going to eat the food?"

"The spirit is going to eat the food".

"Ohh...but how is he going to eat the food, if he doesn't have a body?

I think he got stumped there.

Yeah..... that brings into question.

Why do you bring food for the dead when they are only spirits, I would like to ask??

It is perfectly rational to bring food to someone who is sick at the hospital, or to a home, or to an orphanage because they need food. Much more so, if you say that any earthly creature would need food because they need to convert the food into energy for them to use to move and do work. This would definitely be a very good scientific rationale.

I have a colleague who told me that, during All Souls Day, people bring bouquets of flowers and leave them at the cemetery. Then at night, cemetery and gravediggers come to steal the flowers and sell them off. Some even use a shovel to hit the grave in hope of meeting spirits so that they can get digits for their 4D . Reallly.....

As it is, humans are beings made in the image of God. We are made in the perfect image of God, but it is Sin that causes imperfection. AIDs for example, is a result of intercourse of man with animals. It was not intended that humans to procreate with a monkey in hopes of relieving his lust.

Yet, we are only here on Earth temporarily. When humans die, so does their physical bodies die. But their soul remains. Their spirit then leaves the body. As according to the Bible, the spirit can only go to either Heaven or Hell. I don't think that there is such a place as purgatory, but the spirit would wait in a place called Paradise before awaiting the judgement of God.

According to the Bible, God is a spirit being. And when we worship God, it is our spirit that is worshipping him. His Word also states that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we should not grieve the Spirit by not taking care of our own bodies, for our bodies have been made Holy when we accepted Christ into our lives and that He lives in us and within us.

God in his awesome goodness and love sent Jesus to die for us. He didn't want us to die, so he send Jesus to die for us. To watch someone who is considered "Son of God" to be flogged, punished, humiliated in public and die on the cross just to carry a burden is a burden that would deem so painful for any human being. He could have chosen to not do that for us, but He loves us so much, then and now, that He was willing to do that for us.
IF Jesus had chosen to sin, all that He had done for us would be in Vain, and I would be going STRAIGHT to Hell. Jesus had a choice to do that, but He DIDN'T.

I do know that what I suffer cannot be in comparison with what He has suffered for us. And yet I complain about how horrible my life, like how the Israelites did after crossing the Red Sea. And God punished the ungrateful Israelites by not allowing them to enter the Promised Land by letting that generation stay in the desert for 40 over years.

If you have not seen Passion of the Christ and seen the miraculous love of God, I suggest you do that now. You will either be compelled, convicted or start crying bucketful of tears.

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