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June: A Sleep In.

I was having a nice deep reverie, when Warren's call woke me up from it.
Ok....he asked me to submit a review of my childcare artsy articles in 2 weeks time, and since I have already watched Lemony Snicket, it would be timely that I should write one of it to submit to his "owner-of-a-particular-artsy-based-website-which-I-shall-decline-to-name-until-it-is-time-to-do-so".
To write it in an articulate voice..uh...right....right. If I can do it.

It sounds challenging, being a genre that I am not actually too fluent about.
Hmmm..but no harm in giving it a try. No harm to doing that! True?

Hei, anyone into Sound of Music? yeah. a couple of my friends are into it and we're thinking of watching it, preferably on a Sunday matinee, since that is about the only time where everyone else is free and not rushing home from the office! There's student rates (for those with a student card), and then there's a 15% off published rates for Maxis and Maxis One Club subscribers.
The last show I watched was Saturday Night Fever with U Joe.
Yes, thanks to him for bringing me to watch it! ;-) I never knew so many popular songs were part of the soundtrack, BUT now I know!! :-)

Just some new updates:

I'm dropping one unit off my course this sem1, coz it's a Year3 unit, and I'm only in Year 2. USQ is revamping the entire programme, and unfortunately, we are smacked right in the middle of it, being distance students of the programme as well. Which reminds me, I have to get the OZ exam fees cheque ready before Friday in order to continue for the rest of the semester.

I'm going to college on Monday to meet with Chew Foong and the MCI internship co-ordinator, as Melanie says that there has been changes to the internshp requirements. I'll be heading to the gym after that...hopefully (coz I think we may end up having dinner together after that...) Lolz.

I had brought all my sports attire on Saturday to go after class, but I was half asleep coz I only slept at 4am the night before, and almost falling asleep after class at 12pm! LoLz. Anyway, I borrowed another movie from the Fitness First club at Summit no less.

Then there's my dental surgery on Friday. Damn. Not to mention a final Arts assessment theory exam as well. Nothing serious like my CMS exam, but nonetheless, I still need to study for it.

I'm supposed to have my final 6th grooming class this coming Saturday, but in lieu of my surgery, and the fact that I have a TEA class with Shobana at 4-6pm on the same Saturday, that has to be cancelled as well.
Guess I really don't have much of a choice, do I? Heh. But nevermind. more practice, the better!

See you kids!

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