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Solid food.

yummy...after a week on a liquid diet of mashed potatoes, porridge, soup and bread and anything in soup, I'm back to my first meal of solid foood.

Yesterday, Mabel made an emergency call to me to help her with one of her assignments. I'm not too sure what it was, but it was a Focus Group in regard to SWOT of the AmbiPur Car Air Freshener. Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities. I being the cousin sister that I am, went and helped her out, coz they needed volunteer interviewees, and I had to drive myself down to Tmn Desa, park my car, and she picked me up.Yeah, she also asked me to be dressed in my office wear, to which I brought a long my camel brown trench coat, and if it were a black one complete with a black sunglasses, I'm sure I could have outshown Trinity from Matrix anytime soon. ;-) Yeah, that's because we would be on recorded on videocam, so had to dress PROPERLY, hor?

Oh,,....Hei, JoJo...the world is a small place huh? "Matthew" eh, shall be English name christened for you hehe....
Been trying to introduce you to Mabel in church each time, but never did, but you guys did eventually meet up, huh? ;-)

Anyway, went down to 1U after the interview, and had a nice meal at Genki Sushi!! Yummy!! After which, we went to Wong Kok Char Teng at SS2. *Damn* I was so tired!

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