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A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet...

Actually I beg to differ.

The name Jacob, means "deceiver", supplanter and "one who grabs the heel"."liar". Heaven help if I call any of my sons Jacob!!

Jacob's name was changed to Israel, because you have power with God and with men and have prevailed.”, a prince with God or he rules with God.

Isaac, "laughter", he was the son of Abraham. I have a classmate by the name of Isaac, and seriously, he really LIVES up to his name! ;-) I was reminded of THAT fact, during discussion periods when Kim mentioned it. ;-)

Esau, twin brother of Jacob, means "red".

Sarah "the princess", the mother of Isaac.

Abraham, means, "the father of multitudes".

Ishmael, son of the handmaiden, Hagar and Abraham, means "God shall hear".

Judas, from Judas Iscariot. Although it means the praised one, his name is synonymous for "betrayer" or "traitor", for betraying Jesus. So, heaven help you if someone gave you that nickname! LolZ.

Jonah, destroyer, as per term Jonah Day, used in the Anne of Green Gables chronicles, means a really BAD DAY, because where ever Jonah went, he created trouble.

Lucifer, means Bringing light. Strange, being this is the other name of the Devil, who is NOT know for bringing light into the world.

As for names of my friends, there's

Diahann: from french, Divine!! Ha ha ha. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How DIVINE a person I must be. Hehe

Eugene: from Greek, noble, Goodly heritage.

Hmmmm......goodly heritage? Mwa hwa hwa.... we'll see....we'll see. hor??? ;-)

Matthew: from Hebrew, Gift of God.

Oi, Jojo, you sure u don't want this name ah?

Asta: from Hebrew, deritative of Queen Esther, Secret, hidden.

She should read the story of how Queen Esther saved the Jews from extermination.

Joe: from Hebrew, short for Joseph, means May Jehovah add/give increase.

Joseph was the last of two sons of Rachel and the twelve tribes of the Israel nation.

James: from Hebrew, same meaning as Jacob!! Ha ha ha ha. Too Bad.

Jason: from Hebrew, he that cures.

Uh huh.....

Irene: from Greek, peace.

hmmm mmm.

Elaine: from Greek, the light that shines.

*Starts rolling my eyes.....*

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