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Another Earthquake? Is this God's sign of warning us to repent?

People REPENT!!!!

I'm not worried about myself. It's others that I am worried about. I really don't want anything to happen to my friends.

I heard about the earthquake on the radio this morning. When I heard it, I was actually still half asleep, so therefore, I didn't actually hear it. My maid informed me that there was the earthquake, but it didn't really sink in until Mercy told me about it when I reached the U/G branch. That's when I started to panick!!!!
Seems that the earthquake tremors hit the Segambut area, the Sri Petaling and United Garden area as well. I was not aware of it, because I was already asleep by then. How fortunate the timing was!

Solution: More prayers.

This morning, instead of going as normal to the United Garden branch, I was informed to go to the Desa Petaling branch instead. Alice was most surprised to see me.
Indeed, the 4 yr old kids there are most well behaved. Yeah, according to Alice. But BLUR. Muahahahah

My 4 yr old kids are Naughty as Hell. They cant sit down quietly for a while. Instead, they will be bombarding you with question after question. But they are intelligent. That's what I can say. They know how to bully and manipulate their parents. Woah.
Alice asked me to present the yellow knobless cylinders (highest to lowest, biggest to smallest). I informed Alice that one of the cylinders were missing, to which she frantically went out looking all over in the boxes just to look for it........well, search's really too small to even be seen...*Sigh*

I have a friend who was very hard hearted to the Gospel. In the past, when I spoke or mentioned anything about it, he was totally against it and spoke badly about it. But now, although he still refuses and will never want to step into a church, he seems to have softened towards it. I think its because of the prayers that my friends and I have interceded on his behalf.

Actually, not one..but LOTs and LOTs. I petitioned an ENTIRE list of names for prayer...and I think it would take a Long Time to even finish praying for the list.

I was thinking of this when I asked Alice. Alice and her husband were not Christians when they got married, but fortunately, they both accepted Christ together. By that time, they already had kids. She said she felt a lot of burden, because before these, they had a lot of Buddhist idols at home (no, they're not staying with his in-law).
I am not sure what she meant by that though, but obviously she got them removed.
I asked if any other members in the family were believers, and she said her sister-in-law was the only christian in the family since high school. She must have interceded a long time in prayer for them.

Even my parents. When my dad converted to Christianity, he was accused of leaving the Chinese Culture....blah blah blah..That he was bringing shame to the Yong family. Etc. Etc. Well, as it is said, if the believer does not pick up his cross, he cant be considered a follower of Christ. Do you think my dad cared? Anyway, look who's having the last laugh now. My dad and mom are more prosperous than they were ever before.

Woah. I dunno how long more or how much I would have to intercede in prayer for my friends. It really is a test of perseverence and persistency on my part, I guess. Wahhhhhh.......
There's one thing I can say about sharing the gospel. Never do so without interceding by prayer first.

We are asked to share and fulfil the Great Commission, but we are not doing it with our Own Might.

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