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The Nation of Israel.

Yesterday night, I watched the Passion of Christ (on tv, obviously).

Hmmm....I seriously don't know why I would like to torture myself with the vision of someone, (namely, the actor, Jim Cadieveal) being tortured and whipped countless times.

Perhaps, it is just to remind myself of the sacrifice that God has made for us.

When the High Priest said, "HIS Blood SHALL be upon OUR people", he really had no idea that it would include the entire nation of Israel for that matter....

Truly, the Israelites brought it upon themselves the problems that they have had until this present time. How the Israelites were scattered when the Romans conquered their land in AD70, to all parts of the world, yet, where the Jewish people are, there they yet, are still able to prosper. People like Bill Gates, Lisa Kudrow, (What's that other guy from Friends), Aaron Spelling, Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman, and family, and all those big shot Jewish people...

Yet, God has been gracious to reinstall their nation in 1948.

Just for your information, I am a "Spiritual Jewish", "spiritual" daughter of Father Abraham. Actually, any Christian is considered a "Spiritual" daughter or son of Father Abraham, and therefore heirs of promises that was given to Abraham. Amen!

Galatians 3:29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Yeah, I'm rambling about the Jewish people, and I have no idea what I am going on about.


My colleague, Bee Sien, asked me how do Chinese Christians revere the death of another Chinese, because many of them refuse to take the incense?

Well, there is a difference between culture practice and belief practice.
Chinese Christians do revere the dead, but we do it in a different manner.

Chinese Christians may probably bow in reverence to the dead, (not pray, mind you),
but to take the heong or the incense and put it onto the altar, is not something that we will do, because it is no longer a cultural thing, but a belief practice.
We do revere the dead at the funeral, but we just show it differently.

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