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I watched 3 movies in 2 days!!

I borrowed "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" from Fitness First.
The movie talks about how childhood issues can affect adulthood. It stars Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock. This movie was a bit slow, but watchable lar.Good for a lazy afternoon, but not worth watching twice.

Then watched "Being Julia" with KT on Saturday at Midvalley.
The movie stars Annette Bening and Jeremy Irons.
This movie is not bad lar. KT wanted to watch 5 children& It but since the run for Being Julia is already ending, I said it was much better to watch it. We did end enjoy watching this movie. The plot was not too bad, but a tad bit slow for my taste.
I had a nice chicken porridge for dinner at McD's before the show. KT said he feels guilty for having his chicken sandwich but I said it was fine. Everyone of us has to go through that some time in our lives.

Then Robots on Sunday with Ben at Summit. The movie is NOT bad. worth watching, but okay lar for kids. I totally forgot that tomorrow is the beginning of school holidays, so there were plenty of kids in the theatre.
I had porridge for dinner at home before the show. Ha ha!

I've been having porridge for lunch, dinner and maybe for the next few days. Sad lar. Real SAD. If not then it's mashed potatoes, soup, Indon Mee (from Nathan's Corner, no less) or more porridge...I cant stand to see another bowl of porridge again. Aicks. Aicks. Aicks. I don't want to eat any more porridge!!!!

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