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more politics and politically correct roles.

It would be great to say that all things work out well in a school. Hopefully everyday.
But that would not be the case. Unfortunately not everything goes smoothly all the time.

Today, a couple took their children out of the school and transferred them to another preschool. Citing quite a number of reasons for that very purpose, I so happened to venture into the office when the particular set of parents came in. You can be rest and very well assured that the principal was definitely not in a good state of mind for the entire morning after. Something that you can measure using a thermometer for that very matter. :-P

As it is, there is something to learn out of every situation. That is probably the most important thing to do whenever a problem crops up.

Would not it be great if every day things turned out fine all the time? But that is the very purpose of a teaching practice internship. To learn and make mistakes so that we will not make mistakes in future. Not to say that our reports will be perfect. I guess that is the problem with us Asians. We are so afraid of losing our face that we want to make everything perfect and good in hope that we will score well. But it probably is a different perspective in their culture. Which in a way, is good. We are able to overlook the "pride" issue in the attempt to understand ourselves and our weaknesses.

Anyway, today my parents were concerned over the issue that I was only taking two subjects instead of three. I think it is because they had to purchase the bank draft and were surprised that the amount for it was less than the one before. I had to sit down and explain that there were some logistical problems within the university itself. They wanted to know if the course would end any later or if I would complete the course in the stipulated time given. I had to explain that students are allowed at least 7 years to complete the entire course, and the student could choose the number of subjects as minimal as one per sem if they wanted to.

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