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Liverpool! Champions of Champions League!!


Hehe. I know all those Liverpool fans will be out cheering the entire day today.

Ha ha.

PG is one heck of a Liverpool fan......the game must have ended right before 5:38am this morning. *lolz* I knew instinctively that Liverpool won....!! *duh*.

He says he'll be basking in the glory of the winnings in the office with his colleagues without applying for leave. *hehe*. (no less with a splitting headache or half asleep. LOLz)

Nah....! I 'm not a soccer fan. But it sure is fun to observe the behaviour of people whose favourite soccer teams won during the championships. *Lolz*.

Yes. Yes. We all know that Liverpool won. No need to rub it in. ;-)

Actually, he'll go ballistic when he finds out what I named the rabbit in school after.......Ha ha ha ha....

Anyway, just came back from meeting Vivien at Midvalley earlier.
You know what? I can't wait for the holidays to come! So many things happening at the same time!
Celyn returning. The surveying for a new car. My prayers being answered. ;-)
I haven't any plans for the holidays, but that's fine...I'll see as it goes along lor. :-)

And the end to my course and starting of a new semester 2 at USQ.
Damn. I will be so busy with 3 subjects to do the next semester. I'm trying to finish up all my training sessions so I can concentrate on my studies and revisions. Really, if God wanted me to be fit, He WILL make me fit! (even without going to the gym. LoLz).
Salihah is going down to USQ next sem. So it'll be cool. I get along with her better than with SooYee anyway. Heh.

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