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last few days of freedom!


Last few days of freedom!! What have I been doing, you might ask?

WEll, in order to recuperate, I have had to sleep in in the afternoon so that I would have enough rest for the day. I need enough rest to recuperate in order that my sores and wounds from the surgery would heal...which I should have been doing, but have not.. DAMN.

Thursday, stayed in to rest the entire morning. Sent my maids to their postings first though. Then after waking up at 4pm, it was raining heavily on my side of town. Then went to pick them up.

In the evening, I met up with Vivien (another lawyer!) at Midvalley. I'm so bloody sick of that place by now.... *sigh*

I managed to buy this fantastic powder soup packet from Campbell's. It's pretty good, because I don't have to cook it, but just add hot water and drink it like normal.

Friday, sent my maids to their postings in the morning. Then went to the U/G office and stayed there until noon. I took a bus to Sentral and met up with WoanChye (another lawyer in the making!! Lolz). The people I met up on the way to the bus were very friendly. When the bus reached Sentral, they even stood up to direct me the way. How very sweet.

When I was at the Chicken Rice Shop, I bumped, (or I saw from where I was sitting!) my penpal's brother, ShiongSoon. He came over and chatted with us.....Ha ha he said WC looks about 21 years, although that's even far from it! It was Casual Friday, so they were both dressed casually for work. I was so surprised to see Woan Chye dressed casually in jeans, when normally it would be more official attire.
Shiong Soon was as crappy as ever. (I'm not surprised that he is....)
He has not changed one bit since the last I saw him (which I have absolutely no idea when it was!) but WC thought he was fine (which I'm even more surprised at!).

"Banyak Orang, Banyak Ragam."

I finally managed to have my first solid food today!!

Koay Teow with Shredded Chicken. No chewing required. Only Slurping Action needed.

Well, dinner was Cambell Powdered Soup and Toast Bread. SAD.

Damn. I can't sleep now. I slept from 3.30-7.40pm. So I can't sleep for the rest of the night.... SIGH.

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