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Kinder-garten politics. Heh.

When Melanie told us to write one Summary of Day report for every day that we clock in, she meant too about the staff, happenings of the school, how the day went and even the emotions of the trainee herself.

Today was a pretty good day. I wouldn't say it went really bad or good for that matter.
Among some of the things that a teacher, whether trainee or not, that she/he must look into when having a class to handle, is the issue of 'discipline' of the class children.

As it is, I am now NOT a class teacher, but the teacher in charge of the Montessori lessons. My colleague, whom I shall call her as LT, is the class teacher. Basically my role now is just to ASSIST her and also to take charge of the other Montessori lessons for the other classes.
I would say, initially I was not used to having a class to my own, after all these years as one, and now when I am "so called" a trainee doing my MCI internship now.

The principal was in a bad mood, as the class that LT is taking charge of, is one of the noisiest class. I think that the age group (2 1/2 years to 4 years) really does not justify how the class is run. The principal expected me to run the class in strict discipline form, and reprimanded for not doing so......and she went on and on and on and on....and there I was keeping quiet. Nor did I try to justify myself.

Anyway, I was pretty annoyed, as I have my own responsibilities and I draw the line at where I am supposed to help and assist in the classroom activities. I was actually seething and exploding inside, but fortunately, somehow, something made me control my emotions. I was actually annoyed, as the principal was accusing and making assumptions that I should be taking care of the classroom, when in actual fact, it really is NOT my responsibility to do so.

So after I had calmed down, I went to the office and spoke to the principal. I had to do it pretty quick, as I had another class ( the 5 years Beginners' class that is) to do a Montessori lesson with.

I told her that it was unfair and not justified of her to assume that I should be in charge of the discipline of the class, being that I was only there to assist in the classroom activities.

Firstly among the reasons are, LT is the class teacher. As it is, she HAS to be responsible and take the lead for maintaining discipline of the classrom. The class teacher cant wait or assume that the teacher who is assisting to do the maintaining of the discipline in the classroom, can she?
Otherwise, WHY is she called the class teacher??
When parents have a problem, they go straight or would report to the class teacher, and not to the Montessori teacher. Not to mention the fact that, some of the parents don't even know my name.

FOR Heaven's has happened before..well this year, so far that is.

I can assist LT when it comes to preparing the work and activity materials, maintaining the classroom when she's away, bringing in other materials when she can't move away as it may cause disruption in the classroom (such as the babies crying when the main teacher is missing from sight!), maintaining discipline when she is teaching, but that is as far as it goes.

If both of us are in the classroom, and there are children who are misbehaving and yet she does not do anything to maintain order in the classroom, what can I say?
I am not going to overrule taking the lead of maintaining discipline of the class if the main teacher does not think it necessary to do so at that time. It is HER class after all.

I think the entire rationale that the "class teacher is waiting for a lead from the person assisting so she can prove her worth" is really a fallacy, unless she has spoken to me beforehand.

The reason I say this is because I have worked as an assistant in MKIS before. If the kids are making noise and Linda does not complain, then I will leave it. However if she thinks that they were too noisy during a playground session or should be quiet, she will tell me either before or after, and I will know what to do next.

Seriously, some things should not even need to be mentioned!

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