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I knew IT!!!

Jasper cried the moment he arrived in school. Muahahhaahhaha I knew he was going to do that ....and I was not the only one with that premonition!!!!


Anyway, tomorrow the 6 yr old kids are going to 1Utama for a Oral Health Exhibition. I can't join thoughh....*Oh Well*.. Much as I would like to join the kids.....WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I was thinking of sending my car for servicing this week, but Sunday is All Soul's Day, so even the servicemen are off, just have to do it next week lor. I am sure that many of the chinese families would be going to cemeteries this Sunday. Well, someone has to do the cleaning of the hills....and it's not me. I hate cleaning and gardening ! ha ha ha ha ha. (unless I was 9 years old lor........i was crazy about it then!).

My uncle has that responsiblity, being the eldest, since he doesn't go to church anyway, and that family has so much free time on Sundays, let them be the Marthas lor....

Anyway, my CG was initially planning on taking the orphans from Trinity Home to the zoo, but the kids have apparently been there for about 5 times, and weren't interested to go there for like the 6th time. Lolz. So they're going to the Petrosains KLCC this Saturday, meeting at FGA on Saturday 1.30. Whoever wants to joins us..well, you can either meet us there...or uh there at KLCC there. Give me a call if u intend to do so.
Well, inform me lar. The more, the merrier lar... Heheh.

The ratio of adult: kids, 30:20....imagine, more adults going to the Petrosains instead of kids.....Such a FUNNY sight lar....

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