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First day of holidays.

Man, my holidays are fully packed. I have something to do every day of this week, and trying to fit 9 ppl to meet in 5 days on different occasions of each day, plus gym workouts and movies is quite a task, I might say. LOLZ. If it weren't for the fact that my jaw was hurting, I'd be going Full Fling into it. Lolz. and totally Enjoying myself as well. If you get the gist. ;-)

Today I had planned to go to the gym, but I didn't. Instead, at the last instance, I decided to meet up with an ex-college mate, Pauline. The long lost college mate of mine, but I have not seen in almost one year. Like anniversary only. Ha ha ha. The best part of the news is she HAS had a boyfriend for almost 1 year!!! And all this while, my friends and I thought she was *fill in the blanks yourself* know. Ha ha ha ha ha.

She proclaimed it as "hopefully my first, and my last". Lolz. Her bf, apparently is a real darling. Who helps out without being asked, and is quite practical. What about being practical? I wouldn't mind if my bf helped me around without my asking. Like help me clean the house (but then I've got maids at home), so hmmmm stuff like helping me to get the car serviced (instead of relying on my dad for advice), going shopping with me. Stuff like that.

Nah, its not that I don't like flowers, nor chocolates or stuff like that. Its okay if I get them once in a while, but I guess after having received lots of them in the past, I now prefer getting gifts (from either bf or friends) which I can use.

Teddy bears, photo frames, decorations and things which take up space in my room I find pretty impractical. I've got enough photo frames and teddy bears, and those take up a lot of my wall and horizontal space. I dont know about others, but I think practical gifts are more viable than flowers in practicality. They DIE out after a few days...and I end up giving them to my maid who may probably value it more than I do. Lolz. They're good if one is in a ROMANTIC mood though ;-)

What are practical things I like?

- vouchers from MPH ( i prefer choosing my own books or stationery that I like).
- things that I can use like purses (noone has ever got me a new purse all this while...and I'd like an extra ultra feminine looking one. Sigh),
- GOLD jewellery that I can wear ;-)
- watches and more watches (the batteries die can someone help put new ones into them?)
- accessories that I can wear (from Axxexx or some exotic thing),
- perfume (something like Champ Elysees or Tresor by Lancome. Those kind lar.)
- Stuff from Body Shop. A set is good as well. (from bath soap, perfume, shower cream to cosmetics. I WILL use them. They're animal cruelty free, no less. I don't fancy Clarins, Lancome and all those weird sounding brands that they have in the market. Don't even know how safe they are. You'd only be paying for the packaging and advertising, which in my opinion, is NOT worth it.)
- a new phone. Right. as if anyone is THAT generous. But my Panasonic year 2000 punya hp dengan charger buatan OZ masih berfungsi sampai sekarang.
- a cosmetic and masseur package. That'll be REAL cool and relaxing. ;-)

things I don't like getting again include:

-teddy bears
-clothes (unless you know my size very well),
-shoes (unless you know my taste and unless they FIT),
-books (I have not enough time to read my own textbooks and u need to know my taste in books as well. FYI, I like British writers.)
-photo frames, floor rugs, clocks,
-chocolates ( i don't eat them coz i'd end up giving it to my mother instead),
-flowers (except only on special occasions like when I get married or You really pissed me off or something like that),
-Silver ( I cannot wear Silver buatan Malaysia. My body chemistry Not Compatible).
-Barbie dolls (if I ask you to get me barbie dolls, it means that I only treat you like a good platonic friend. They are nice gifts to look at but they take up space no less).

Naturally, when I meet up with Pauline, the topic would end up about my ex, and we would start bitching about him. Not very complimentary, but we enjoy poking fun at him ;-)
He went after Pauline at one time. Now that we think about it, he, THAT ex, would make a very unsuitable match for Pauline. Although it may be her first, it really is not the numbers of suitors that makes the grade. I definitely do not think my EX would have made her very happy though. ha ha ha.

As Sun Tzu said, it is not the number of battles that one has won, but being able to conquer and win over the enemy without inflicting any damage on them is probably the greatest victory once could achieve. So having a great number of suitors, really does not mean a thing. If you know what I mean. :-)

I don't know if I can go into the corporate hours in KL and work 14 hours a day. I think I will just die. After being so used to working from only 8-3pm p/day, going from 8am-8pm is something that I don't think I could consider. I think I'll just die. But I respect those who can do it, no less though. :-) Only people like me with my working hours, can consider keeping a blog. Imagine those who stare 10 hours onto a computer. I doubt they want to look at the monitor when they come home from work. Lolz.

Anyway, this morning, I went to the public dental clinic near my home. The filling of the tooth on my right side had come out, so I couldn't eat. That means, I couldn't eat BOTH on my left, coz it was healing, and NEITHER on my right, because the filling came out. So, BOTH sides were hurting. AISAY man. What a painful experience!!

I went to get a diagnosis of the injury to my tooth. The doctor just said that I needed to get a filling done. Well, I rarely go to the public hospital unless during school holidays only, because I have lots of time to spare and wait there without worrying about having to work.

Actually, its my first time to a public dental clinic. I have never been to one before this. It was an eye opening experience nonetheless, because I have been so accustomed to going to a private dental clinic. I only knew or realised the existence of that particular public dental clinic, becoz Asta told me about it, and she had been there before. Well, no harm in checking it out right?

The dental clinic actually makes checks and demonstrations once per year each to private kindergartens and public schools around the area. The kindergartens under the Bethany Montessori umbrella were listed there as well under the private kindergartens section!
Cool, huh? But whoever who typed the list, misspelled the name of the kindergarten!

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