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Do you SKYPE? :-)

I was trying out Skype with ChewFoong and Joseph who is in Penang just yesterday.

DAMN. Very very clear and sharp voice over the phone. Joseph's using a wireless mike, so he can walk around the room. DAMN.

I seriously can't wait till Annie gets one!

Oi, Annie!!! Get Skype. I can just talk to u over the Net. All you need is mike and the software, and voila, we're off on an inter-continental over the ocean chat which is totally absolutely FREE!!! As long as the other party has Skype, that is.

Just came back from Prime. Had dinner with Chew Foong and gang.
Damn. Why couldn't Melanie have given the talk earlier. Really a total waste of time doing all those lesson plans when you just told us that it was NOT even necessary!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!

Anyway, whoever has Skype, do ADD me!!

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