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Differing methods of education.

I'll be writing an article to compare and contrast the different methods of education, namely the modern and traditional methods of education. If anyone has any say on this,or information on it, it would be most appreciated.
As it is, I do not think that there is harm in utilising either methods of education, but both have their pro & cons.
People are going back to using the chinese "calculator" - the abacus for teaching and aiding in learning math, much as Montessori had designed the beads as an aid to teach mathematics.

The modern methods and style, would include not using just the calculator, but also modern invention and technologies, such as the computer, the mobile (yes, to learn language these days!), the calculator, and whatever new scientific discovery these days.

I haven't got a set title to it, but currently am merely just reading up on it.

The areas covered namely are,

Traditional vs Modern instruction,
Merely verbal vs Hands on Instruction,
Premature vs. Developmentally Appropriate Instruction,
Fragmented vs. Integrated Instruction,
Boring vs. Interesting Instruction,
Lockstep vs. Individualized Instruction,

Use of Technology in Education

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