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Dental surgery and a rim exposure.

I don't really know if to call today a good or bad day....*sigh*

Anyway, the morning was fine. However, towards afternoon, as I was sending the kids back, my car hit some kind of a boulder, and I realised the wheel was losing air. I didn't realise it was getting bad, till halfway, another car on the side signalled me and I had to stopped the car by the road and had to check. Ok, it was bad. Initially I thought it was the case of the tyre itself.

FORTUNATELY, by God's providence, there was a BP station like, less than a minute away. So I drove.
Ok, by now I was seriously panicking. I stopped the car next to the air pump and pumped some air into the trye. I could hear a hissing sound....then I realised that I REALLLY REALLLY had a flat tyre.
Then I took my remaining two kids, Lakshana and ChengWei into the station and made a call to my dad. He told me to just speak to the technician at the BP....*right* . Ok, it was not alright, because I didn't know what to do. The two kids were running amok, and I was there like panicking and had no idea what to start with!!

So fine, I spoke to the technician and he checked the tyre. THe verdict: I must have knocked into some strong boulder of some sort and the rim came out. He said I had to change the rim or not the car would not be able to drive the car too far fine. I just told him to change the rim. And check the gear oil and battery and water level as well. *lolz*. The bill came up to about RM53.00. Which is not bad...yeah, my gear oil is leaking.....I really have no time to change it.....I can't be bothered. But it will cause me trouble in future, that's for sure.

Actually I had a craving for WanTan Mee today. And I totally forgot about my Dental Appointment card. So I had to go home to get it. Ai...........I thought I missed my chance to have WanTan Mee.....but fortunately, there was a store on my way out. *HOORAY!!*

Well, anyway, let me tell you about the dental surgery. I thought I was already late. However, when I arrived at the hospital, the doctor told me that the staff were only returning at 2.45. By the time they got every thing figured out, and yes, i had to give my appointment card, it was about 3pm +.

When I was in the surgery room, the doctor told me that it was better to remove the tooth on the upper jaw.

I got so agitated at hearing that, that I started to hyperventilate!
My heart rate went up , and they had to wait a while before they could start.
You know, this is the second time I'm doing this, but I wonder why didn't they give me a depressant pill or something. I thought clinics normally do that or something.

I couldn't even bear to see the doctor to put any kind of scapel or god-know-what-instrument that I totally closed my eyes and didn't want to look.
This is the best part...halfway through the procedure, a student came in. Ok, I have had friends who are in the medical line, but not in the dental. So there I was, listening to half of what the student was saying, and half to what the doctor was saying.

There was more noise cause I heard another chinese male doctor coming in. I could spy that he was not bad looking actually. But I was getting agitated coz I had absolutely no idea what the doctors were doing and there were these people talking behind me. So I started grumbling and whine and whine and whine a lot.

When they asked me if I wanted to remove the upper jaw tooth, I was getting even more agitated. The reason they wanted to remove the upper jaw tooth is that because the lower jaw tooth is no longer there (its partner that is), the upper jaw tooth will grow longer because it does not clench to something.

By the time the entire procedure was over, I started to cry.

I think the doctors were wondering what happened. I was so relieved the entire procedure was over and yet at the same time, I was feeling so bloody confused. DAMN.

My jaw was hurting and I could barely talk. Anyway, they gave me the antibiotics and painkillers.

How much did the entire procedure cost? Hmmmmmm......I didn't pay a single cent. Don't ask me why.
I was so surprised I couldn't say a thing. I didn't even pay a single cent except during the registration.


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