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Holidays: 3rd day & more porridge!

On Wednesday, I sent BOTH the maids to the kindy and went back to United Garden. Lilian had left me an apple and an orange for the kind deed I did for her on Tuesday....ahhhhhh....all in a day's work lar. No problemo.

I had brought all the ParenThink mag and was going through it with Mercy and then I left for town early to beat the traffic jam. There are quite a lot of stuff in the magazine which is actually quite useful, but I haven't had the time to actually go through it, but merely just skim through it.

The merchant bank where PG works in a merchant bank lar. Initially, I felt pretty lost walking in it actually. Lolz. Well, I had porridge again for lunch....*speechless*. ...sigh. I haven't had rice in almost a week. I'm getting sick and tired of eating porridge and mashed potatoes for every meal. SIGH.

We went to some place near Pudu for Teochew rice. It took me forever to eat that entire harmless bowl of porridge.

I look at the porridge.
The porridge looks at me.
I smile at the porridge.
The porridge smiles at me.

Whhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What FUN!!!!

Then after, I met up with Mandy whom I was to buy the tickets for Sound of Music. The matinee tickets for Sunday were SOLD OUT. So for those who wanted to join us on the matinee, unless you are not working 15 hours a day, feel free to uh....order it online. Lolz.

We bought about 6 tickets, (including Mandy's friends). The bone head totally forgot about her tickets on the counter and had to drive back all the way back to Istana Budaya!!! Ha ha ha. She had to go back to work after that all the way to Serdang!

Mandy is someone I met in Fitness First, who incidentally is also doing the same MCI course I was, but she deferred for a year. She's older than me, so her acquaintances are naturally older than I am. Cool. Can't wait to meet her friends as well! ;-)

Then I went to pick up my maids, and sent them home. I took a short nap, and then drove down to Midvalley to meet up with Asta to watch Constantine. Ok, initially I DIDN'T want to watch Constantine, but after reading the Power Evangelism: Signs and Wonders book, I decided to.

This I felt is because I wanted to see what the hype about the movie was, no matter how theologically incorrect or misguided the movie was and I realised that I was having the Western WorldView, being stuck in the "rational" mindset.

I realised that I totally refused to believe that devils and spirits could cause sicknesses, or believe that animism exists, because that actually is the truth and a fact, and no matter how many times I wanted to deny it, but the fact remains that it happens. So, no small reason why those Christians with a Western WorldView had trouble accepting that.

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