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2nd day of holidays.

How was my day on Tuesday? I Had my organ lesson at noon (that I was almost falling asleep!) , then after rushed down to Cheras to meet Shirley, the new editor of Genius Media for ParenThink mag. Yup. Just brainstormed and discussed the title of the articles that I was to write for the upcoming months . Wow, the discussion took about two hours plus, coz I arrived before 3 and went home about 5.30!!

Then I rushed back to pick my maids up coz I was supposed to meet Larissa at Midvalley. Larissa is an ex-college mate from HELP. She knows my brother, and also James & practically the entire Yong clan. Lolz.
Larissa was complaining that she was ALREADY hungry at 6pm...ha ha ha . No food at the office, ke? She also attends FGA, so she knows the update on whats happening there as well. She knows Stephanie and Pst. Andrew Kulasingam....(duh, like whom from FGA don't know lar??)
Initially, I thought of watching either Sepet or 5 children & It with her, but then in the end we decided not to lar, so more time to chat lar! Went to Secret Recipe and we both had lasagne. It took me forever to eat of course..... ha ha.

I told her about the predicament that i was in, and she said she would try to help out if it was possible lar. Heh. Cool, Larissa! I even told her about the list of names that I made and sent out for prayer on the Internet....even better. The more people who pray for it, the better!!
Larissa was postponing her dental surgery as well....why lar, everyone is so afraid of doing it? No less that the first time was traumatic, I know that...but stillll......just to evade the problem in such a manner will only cause more problems in future, isn't it??

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