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Wrestling With Christ.

I just spoke to my ex. Well, apparently he gets *paid* for writing as well. Lolz. I only have ONE ex, so you know who I am talking about. He goes under a nom de plume, so you probably wouldn't know it was him.
He finally revealed that he HAS a gf......seriously, I wonder, why all the umm..... secrecy. It's not like its going to affect me anyway.
I was more annoyed that I could not really have a proper conversation with him other than the fact that he has to hide the fact that he has a gf. (if that was his intention anyway!)...well, hopefully he is more civil these days. Ok lar....I wished him all the best and it was good that everything worked out fine for him in the end anyway. Blah Blah Blah.

I just came from Chong Keat's CNY dinner. There are some things in my mind as I write this. I'm trying to visualise this as I write.

Two roads lay stretched in front of me. I have to decide which road to take. Ok, not per se as Frost terms it.

One is the road that I surrender my will FULLY to Him.

The other is the road of my Own Will.

Damn it. I am not going to give in without a wrestle. NOT this time around. NOT THIS TIME AROUND.

I haven't come this far to go without a fight. You can either pray with me and for me, or just let me be. This is nothing personal.

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