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Fixed Beliefs.

My mom watched Vanity Fair. Woo Hoo. She seemed to love it. Post-Valentine's movie. *lolz* Reese Whitherspoon was Not Bad lar in her role. A bit like Legally Blonde, but in a more calculating manner using wit and brains, and it's not a no-brainer movie or a feel-good movie like wat Legally Blonde was. It needs a bit of focussing in the movid in order for you to follow the plot.

It's been quite a while since I met anyone who had energy as much as Annie did. I haven't had a conversation as such with a total stranger in a while, that it has left me feeling....umm....well, it just gave me a different perspective on Non-Verbal Communication.

Fixed Beliefs, as Asia Works calls it. Would it kill someone to do something out of their beliefs? (lets not talk about religion or faith here)
It is changing the way we see things and how we go about doing it that will Work For Us.
Yup. Yup. Yup. Welcome to the Basic Training, darling. :-)

Let's see, here are some optimistically crazy and funky things I've done with Annie...i'm sure she damn remembers it!
- (2004)Singing loudly in the garden at KLCC at night! Christmas Carols at that!!! Muahahhahahhahahahha. Everyone looked at us as if we were mad.

- (2002) Losing our way and driving the car almost into the middle of a lake on our way to A&W after my play debut.
Now that was absolutely crazy and SO funny!!!...Muahahhahahhaha

- (2004)Her ear piercing screaming in the car halfway when I was driving drove AiLing and Ricky completely nuts! Her going from totally tired to totally crazy after being filled up with "food" (fuel, in other words).

- (2004) Her ear piercing screaming driving Eugene completely nuts in the car and the infamous "SEX talk" whilst at Hartamas!

- (2003) Going for your FIRST EVER Independent movie premiere at the Istana Budaya. Damn! You looked real gorgeous then. I was so Proud!!

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Anonymous said...


I'd say go ahead and wish the cops a Happy Valentine's Day. Give them a rose as well... Methinks they'll appreciate it as it's something that's pleasantly unexpected.

U Joe

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