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Non Verbal Communication.

The past week has been most *surreal*. I guess.

Had to complete an essay and study for a CMS exam...*seriously* I don't even know HOW I managed that as well....*lolz*.

By God's grace, I managed to finish the essay by Friday afternoon, get it all typed up and hand it in. I don't even know if the essay meets the requirements, or if I will *PASS* or not....everything was in a BLuR. Just as my first essay was...uh....I thought I *failed*, but somehow I managed to Pass like 40/50...which was most surprising.
It's like everything just happened in a blur, and it went past and over my head?

Halfway through the CMS exam, my stomach started *grumbling*. And there I was thinking

..ok..I'm hungry..I'm hungry...I'm hungry. I'm getting really hungry, I'm so hungry...

ChinMun joked why didn't I WRITE that in my test paper and say that I couldn't argue the case anymore, since I was GETTING SO HUNGRY, so I NEED NOT do the paper anymore.......

Right. Right. Right....Like that's going to work and get me sympathy marks, eh????

Well, if that works, I wouldn't mind doing that. But I doubt that would ever happen in a MILLLION YEARRSSS!!!

Anyway, after the exam, I heard Alice remarking that she fell sleepy halfway through the exam.....Uh HUH. Uh HUh Uh HUH....right, and there I was thinking that I was HUNGRY halfway through the exam. *LOLz*

SY said that halfway through the exam, she realised that what Mr.Chang taught in class, had no co-relation to the exam at alllll........

(actually, I don't think that is true. Not everything we study in class has to do with exams. But I think that by the time we reach university level, we should be able to critically think for ourselves...but then again, SY is already like this OUTSTANDING student in I doubt that would really matter to her, since the course examiners probbly LOVE her essays to DEATH).

Now, I've to finish up an essay for the Parent Think magazine. It shouldn't be TOO difficult, since the content is specifically meant for informal readers. Yup, a parental audience analysis for that .*lolz*.....


Seriously, I've been using so many of my CMS jargon these days. Peppering my conversations with CMS jargons...hardly transactive model of communication at that. Lolz. Seriously.......even the term "jargon" is a CMS vocab, meaning "specialist terms".

LIke when I had a conversation with ChinMun earlier, we were having a conversation that used the term "perspective" in that academic formal way.. that only another person who has learnt to use it in the same wavelength would have understood it. *Lolz.*.

The Thursday before, I was sitting on the swing to myself, and saying, hmmm...if I waved to the person walking past, I would be engaging in non-verbal communication even without having to say a word out at all. Waving is non-verbal communication substituting for verbal communication the equivalent of "Hi!". *Lolz*

What came into mind is the scene in Legally Blonde1, where Reese Whitherspoon kept tapping her shoes LOUDLY on the floor, to show her displeasure of someone who cut her queue at the water cooler. The scene probbly made an impression on me, as I repeated it when one day when I was at the Guardian Pharmacy, and this two ladies in front of me probbly took up about ten minutes and everyone else was waiting in line. So NOT saying anything, I JUST did that. The ladies in front FINALLY got the hint, Coz I was Tapping my shoes SO LOUD, they couldn't Ignore It. ;-)

Hmm....another example was actually during the CMS exam. The person who were invigilating the exam was actually this young man and woman (who were students in college). I was sitting in the front row, and they were sitting beside each other and giggling away. So I gave this "ahem" and cleared my throat. Obviously they stopped waht they were doing and looked at me! *lolz*. Anyway, when I requested for an extra booklet of paper for my perusal, the man came walking and smiling to me. Ok, I didn't understand that part either! *LOLZ*.

Anyway, I have NO QUALMS about flirting with a guy depending on the non-verbal communication he gives out. Ok, this is just to illustrate a point. I was at a Kiyosaki seminar a couple of months back. My friend, S and his friend, a galpal were just standing there. Well, anyway, being the affectionate kind of person that I am, I went up to him and I lied my head against him.

My platonic guyfriend, (to me anyway), who was with me, started complaining later when we were on our way home, saying that those two were dating or something like that.

So I went, right...... I didn't see any kind of behaviour between the both of them that indicated any hint of that? Anyway, I didn't think that was any matter or problem with that, since my friend S, DID NOT Complain about IT anyway!

Now that I reflect on that situation, I can put into words that it was the non-verbal communication between them that communicated to me that there was Clearly Nothing Going Between the both of them, no matter how much my friend protested! *lolz*


When I was talking to Eugene, I was thinking in terms of paralinguistics, the sound element of non-verbal communication. Ha ha. Even the tone that I used with him punctuates the mood of the conversation. ;-)

I tried that out with my mother today after my church service as well. Normally, I don't manja my mother, nor even bother doing that. But today, out of necessity, and desperation (as they say, Necessity is the Mother of Invention), and I had no car to drive around then, I imitated what my brother has been an expert for all this year. Manja-ing my mother.

I kept pushing her shoulder. and went on and on, persistingly going at "Where are you going after service, mom? Miii.., where are you going after service, mom.?? Meeee, where are you going after service, mom?" in front of the other members of the congregration looking on.

I didn't know if she would like it or not, but SURPRISINGLY, I got the same response! Hei man, that's what you'll get if you TAKE A RISK! ;-)

But hey, if I get what I want at the end of it, it sure would be worth my effort, right? *lolz*

The communications course, is to help a person reflect on how well they are able to communicate with others. I think, going through this course, has helped me be aware of my style of communicating my needs with others.

Hence as a result, please do not get surprised if I go at you with terms such as have you been able to
"communicate your/my needs" to you (as I have done with Ai Ling, *lolz*), if you ever come to me with a problem and have told me, but not everyone else.

(although it may not be entirely a transactive model of communication if I go at you with jargon! *lolz*)

As it is, I can listen to your problems, but the main thing is that, at the end of the day, if you have a problem with your mates, you SHOULD clearly and effectively communicate your needs to them, so that the receiver could "decode" the message that you would like to communicate across to them as well. :-)


Anyway, today I managed to go to Nichii Fashions to get half my clothes bought. I got about 3 plain tops, 1 unique brown top, 1 brown dress, and 1 brown skirt. all for about RM100+. There are times when I wouldn't mind paying more for a really uniquely designed dress, but most of the time, most clothes are just over priced, and my being experienced in paying value for clothes (thanks to my mother and Celyn). I wouldn't mind paying good $$ for something if I think it really is WORTH it. Normally I'd just leave the specific article there at the shop, if I am hesitating. If the article of clothing keeps coming back to my mind, THEN only I'd go back to get it. :-). That makes more sense to me anyway.

The dinner was wellll...Actually, I was starving by the time I arrived for dinner...I kept whining and whining....until everyone actually went in for dinner. *LOLZ*

My uncles and aunts kept prodding everyone brother and me, Chin Mun and Jason if we were dating around. My brother TOTALLY protested making a huge noise from behind the computer where he and the other cousins were fiddling with the Internet connection. *lolz*.
Jason already has a gf, so I think they weren't too concerned with it.

As for Mabel, she was complaining that she currently was NOT seeing anyone (yeah right. In your dreams, Mabel). I was just lying leisurely on her lap and just listening to the entire conversation that was going around me.
Then they started prodding me about dating and how I shouldn't get one yet. *lolz*. One of my aunts kidded that guys in OZ liked girls with an exotic tan like mine and then, Uncle Tony joked that if I were in OZ, I could ask ChinMun to intro all his guyfriends to me, and the guys would be lining up all the way from Queensland to Adelaide just to do work for me a.k.a Tom Sawyer without my having to say anything at all. *lolz*.

Ha ha ha. I'd definitely LIKE to SEE THAT happening. ;-)

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