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CNY 2005.

It is the 2nd day of CNY. My grandma had jai choy meehoon and tong shui for brunch yesterday...First day mah! Everyone goes vegetarian..WEll, as long as the food is edible! I washed my hair. Do I care if its bad luck? It beats having oily hair. Euuuuuuuuuu!!!

Anyway, thanks to all my friends for all the lovely CNY text messages......Sorry that I can't keep all of it. Too many for my cell phone to keep lar!!! I got a text from Celyn this morning! The bastard! She changed her cell no. and neglected to inform me! BASTARD!!! Hah!

Well, I used to think that CNY was like a Boys BootCamp coz they were SO MANY BOY COUSINS....7 single men when I was much younger. Only 5 remaining now. *lolz*. Oh well...we're all getting older.
We used to play the PS or some video games during CNY, and I still remember that time at Chee Kong's place. That was like a long long time ago...I was still in high school then, and Jason beat me at some Sonic game.

The boys: AiYah, Boys BETTER than Girls at Sonic Game.
Me: What CRAP.
Boys: It's TruE what.
Karen: Yeah...its true.
Me: Nonsense! I shall NOT hear for it!

Anyway, all of us, 8 cousins, went out to Breakers, Hartamas for some post-dinner CNY sessions. KengYip drove his car this time...coz last year, Karen got lost after sending them back. *lolz*. Same like last year lar..but then we went to CoffeeBean on the 1st day. See what happens this year lor.

Met Phoebe, a friend of Jason from MGS. Oi, Asta, she is your former classmate lar....know what? I used to think that Jason was really good looking when I was in high school. Ha ha. But the years do change, don't they? ;-)

PG came over for a short interlude, and then we went off for a drive. The Curve is actually right bside Ikano Centre. I didn't even know!!

************************************************************************************ know, here I am thinking, why do guyfriends always say something that doesn't reflect what is on their mind? Well, I know I am guilty of that. It's like,

Me: What is on your mind?
Friend: Nothing.
Me: Come on. When you give me that look, I know that there must be something on your mind.
Friend: Nah. ...... *makes some inaudible paralinguistic sound*
Me: Are you sure? Come on...
Friend: Really, there is NOTHING on my mind...
Me: Oh, alright. If you don't want to tell me, it's fine then.

It's like, I think I know what is on their minds. But the friend will give me a really really vague answer. My gut instincts tell me that I know WHAT is on their mind but since they don't give a me a confirmation on the correct answer, then I can't be bothered. I'm sure they will tell me when the time comes. HOWEVER, the problem is, it always turns out THE answer that has been on my mind all this while.

I have had two instances of this happening in the past one year...and its like, in that flash of insight, even before I need to ask the person, the answer was already there....and I dread the time when they would actually come and ask me or tell me or confirm what is on my mind....It is kind of mindboggling, that I sometimes really don't know what to do. It's like I'm stuck at this crossroad, and there's basically nothing much I can really do about it. Don't ask me how I know, ya? *Sigh*.

The other scenario would be,

Me: Why are you like that?
Friend: because I'm like that / I don't like it / (the reply will vary).
Me: Ok then... IF you say so...

And then very much later.....

Friend: You know I was/am like that for a reason... (and gives some lame pathetic excuse....)
Me: Uh Huh.
Friend: Well, what do u think?
Me: (keeping a STRAIGHT face). Oh, Really? I SEE. I have NO comments.
(but inside, in a silent soliloquy like that MAD girl from Naruto)

...You DAMN DAMN Stupid Fella. You think I stupid kah??

You see, you see...I knew this all the while. I just wanted to see how long you will keep at it. Why must you make up stupid excuses which cant even make it past the lie detector??
Shit. My brain definitely works better than the lie detector.
You deserve the award for the "World's Best Lamest Excuse ". Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Well, obviously I don't say it out. You MAD ah? You want me to get STRANGLED ah????

Go figure.

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