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Lin Chor 3

Today didn't go out. Stayed home. Prepared house for guests.

"Sang Woh" tonight in my house. All relatives coming. some friends coming.
Everyone else couldn't make it. ha ha ha.

Weather today still just AS BAD as yesterday afternoon. I dunno why the weather in KL has to be so HOT and SUNNY. Too sunny to even go out at all. I'd rather stay in in my air conditioned room.

Quite a number of my cousins were absent!! *Bloody*!
Anyway, played cards with James, Paul and Ai Ling. James was a bit wary of *gamblin* in the house. Heh. ;-)
*You know, I know lar* ;-)
I finally got the *gist* of the game. AiLing said she learnt to play thru computer games. *lolz*.

My bro, Keng Guan, CheeHoe, George, CheeKong, CheeKeong were playing in the other room. Cards as well!

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