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The past few days have been....


oh well, that aside, there are more pressing matters that I have to realistically look at.

One of which, is my studies and enrolment at USQ.
I just found out that the Prime premises caught fire and the area was flooded with water. Aside from that, their internet services was down. I'm not sure how bad the condition is, but I will know when I go to the college on Friday evening.
The other is that of the revamp in my program syllabus. The two subjects that I was supposedly and prior to this, was enrolled, has been pushed forward to another semester, and both students from on campus and off campus have had to re-enrol their subject units.

I was out with KT on Wed, and he told me that a revamp of the units in universities, is not really a bad thing. Some units have to be revamped to move with the times. I'm not too sure about my current units, but since he from his first experience of studying the last 3 years in OZ can tell me that, then it probably should be so.

Nonetheless, the problem is, the year 2 students are doing Year 3 units instead. Theoritically speaking, Year 3 subjects are harder than Year 2 subjects. I'm not sure how well it will go, but hopefully everythng goes well!

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