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Movie: Vanity Fair.

Was at Midvalley with Peng Guan earlier. Anyways, whilst there I bumped or I saw....many familiar faces.

Let's see..there was Hsien Ling & Derrick that I saw on the UG floor.
Then there was SY's bf and his bro? (I think) at the G floor.
Finally, as I was going home, I bumped into Velex and his family!!! WOAH. Velex was drinking this liquid beverage.Vicki came and gave me a hug. Velex LOOKS SO CUTE!!!!!!!! *muacks* *muacks* *muacks* *muacks*....
I want to have kids THAT cute...hehehe. At least 3 to 4 lor. :-)

Vanity Fair was not bad a movie. Reese Whitherspoon is like reprising her role in Legally Blonde, but the plot is a bit more intricate and complicated than what the former movie's good for a watch. She's Versatile In That Role anyway. Good I say. It's like...Johnny Depp. He's played pretty nasty bad characters and really funny characters. like Gilbert Grape, Pirates of the Caribbean, Elm Street, etc. No Less. No small wonder that Laynie likes him. *lolz*

Tomorrow's my father's birthday. My parents are gonna watch the same movie as well. I HOPE they like it as well. I must have gone to the toilet 2-3 times during the movie. *lolz*. BLADDER problem!! Heh.

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