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CNY shopping.

I got this really cool brown trench coat from Padini for about RM99.50. (original price, RM199). Ha ha. I love it!! It needs a bit of altering to fit my size, but all in all, it's GORGEOUS!!!
It really is a versatile coat...can be zipped from above and from below. Can't wait to show the trench coat to my mom tomorrow morning!!

Went shopping with KMT at 1Utama on Monday night. When I was there at Jusco, I was walking past this guy who was wearing this particular attire.WWWWOOOHHHHHHH!!! I was feeling absolutely tired but the moment I saw it, I couldn't let the moment go away with my doing anything about it!!
So I walked up to him and asked him where he got the particular attire and he told me. KMT just stood there looking at me talking there with his mouth OPEN!!

I think the fella was quite pleased that a stranger would actually go up to him and asked him where he got that attire from! LoLz!
I know, coz I saw him smiling at me when he walked past me with his friend when I was looking through a display of greeting cards a little later. ;-)

I was feeling absolutely tired and almost falling asleep, but KMT was such a dear to walk down a few floors to get me a can of coffee....Awwww. Thanks, KMT for holding my clothes. The perfect gentleman! ;-)

Anyway, when I was there, I bumped into Alicia Mak Mei Su and her bf, and also JUNE!!! that sly girl! dating that malay guyfriend from HELP on the sly..(I saw them holding hands!! Hah!)

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