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A chapter of my life.

I have decided to close the door to a certain chapter of my life.

When I look back at it, I would be able to tell myself that my decision was right.

It is out of strength that I would make decisions, not out of fear or uncertainty.

"To bring new cheese in, I would have to remove the old one to have space".

"To truly open the door to love requires that we be willing to face the potential of loss..
Shed those things that are no longer fulfilling & affirming, for only in doing so do you make room for new experiences with greater promise.
Their loss will be your gain.

The heart of resistance is doubt and our "slavish" attachment to the comfort of familiarity. Be willing to experience the unfamiliar for in its virgin territory lies your truest potential for growth.

WHAT are the POSITIVE Changes in my life that I RESIST making?

Hope is the resistance to the way things are, the denial of reality.
Hoping wastes valuable time and brings tears to the heart.

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