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2nd day of CNY

*Damn* What SUNNY Weather.. the weather makes everyone feels sleepy and tired. *sigh*. Lucky my dresses are all made for the weather here. Sun dresses. cool for the skin and this weather. My parents complained. Even my friends did.

Visited 3 families today. Uncle Albert, Keng Yip and Uncle Chuen.

Keng Guan wanted so much to meet Peng Guan .. so he could tease him about the BIRD. ha ha ha ha ha.

*lolz*, but I said to him Better Luck Next Time. ;-) *Awwwwww* KG can be adorable at times...he's 15 this year after all. He couldn't go out with the gang last night. Last year he so desperately wanted to go out with us as well, but was not allowed. This year, he didn't even bother. *lolz*.

Going to visit Jason's later. Will get to meet his friends later...yeah, hopefully he doesn't intro his really OLD OLD guy friends to me at any rate soon.....I dun need that. Ha ha. See lar, where we go out tonight. Don't want to play pool or Coffee Bean again!

Ok, I woke up to a very NOISY neigbhourhood this morning. Someone's house alarm was blattering and screaming since 4am this morning! The neighbour's dog was Whining. and then..there this lost baby bird in my house garden.....where the bird's father and mother was on the roof top was screeching to the baby bird, and the baby bird screeching a reply in return!! On top of that, my brother was making a lot of noise and complaining about the dog Whining.... ha haha.

Oh gawd. What a cacophony!!! *DaMn*. What Hoo- Haa.

This morning, my father announced to the family that we were going to move to Sunway Kinrara...(Where Is THAT ?). *Mouth Open Shocked!*

What??!!! Move AGAIN???

Are you mad? This is like the 4th time I'll be moving to Gawd-Knows-WHere???? Why does my dad like to spring surprises on the whole family?? I protested about how far away it was from the city, and my brother made more noise on top of what he had be complaining since Morning. *lolz*.

Anyway, got a text from my niece in NZ, Kimberly and high school friend, KKT. The latter just returned from OZ. Will have to meet up with him next wk lar although he persists in meeting THIS week. This week too busy leh.

Ok, KKT, I shall NOT answer that question that you posed.....Ha ha ha. I'm not even going to pretend to knw what you imply by ASKING me that!!! *LoLz*

AhhhhhHHHH IT just started to Rain!! YES YES YES YES YES......It's times like this I love the rain!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sunway Kinrara is just off the Kinrara interchange of the Kesas Highway. (After the Awan Besar toll, before the Sunway exit) It's located next to Taman Kinrara.

This is what I've found so far on the Internet about the location. Not sure if there are any bungalows there... gotta check.

U Joe

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