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12th day of CNY

Yup it's the 12th day of CNY today.

Anyway, last night I met up with Chin Mun. I should have gone out with them on Friday!!!!! *ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!****



The entire gang was there. Keng Yip. Jason. Jason's friends. BLOODY. Not to mention Chee Hoe as well. Chin Mun. Adrian. of course and Mabel as well!!! And they went for drinks. I should have just driven straight there after class. BLOODY.

Oh well, wats done is done.
Damn man. the weather in KL is just as hot at night as well. What is the problem? The earth over heating? ha ha.
Anyway, I went for George's farewell party. Watched Shrek on the dvd player. Now, the quality even of bootleg versions seems to be very clear, eh?

Well, anyway, we went to a nearby coffeeplace last night to chat. CM said he had a dejavu feeling about us being there about the same time last year. I was talking to him about Speed Dating and the lawyer. Woah...that was most definitely last year. Talked mostly about my exams and assignments. *lolz*.

How do I feel today?

Hmmmmmm . Actually, I feel GOOD. Not to say that I don't have my anxious worries and other things at the back of my mind, but......
Ok bloody.....I AM worried about my results. I have no idea what I'm going to get..and getting really paranoid here. I've gone to check my results.....and the website doesn't load!

Ok, to update you guys what that has been happening to me.

Well, I caught a cold early this week, and was down with a fever on Wednesday. It was a slight fever, but nonetheless, I was very tired and I was sick. *DAMN*.
Still recovering from a cold as of now. DAMN.

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