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XiaXue deleted FoXur's entry

She deleted the entry on FuXor coz he *apologized*


I think she was just annoyed. Either that, she was UPSET?

Either that, or she was TOO Free.

Not to mention, she DIDN'T ALLOW comments on her newest entry.


I think she was sick of all the Profanity in the Comments by ALL The readers.


I'd like to comment on Churches these days. In regard to the OverZealous Christians.

In my Communications Studies, I learn that to be a compelling speaker, one must present a speech that will not only the listeners understand, but also what they need.
One of the main questions, when I go into a class (if it IS NOT COMPULSORY), is, WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS? I will be spending my next two hours in the hall, and I will be putting myself at risk to waste my time. If I DON'T get anything out of this, I will NOT come in future. Period.

I think the same goes for the evangelists, churches and those who would like to go street evangelising.
Most evangelists and church goers seem to think that Accepting Christ is like an Event.

Well, that's not True.

Because that is a Mistake.

Like buying shoes, or even deciding to make a purchase, accepting Christ is a process over a long period of time. I look at the goods. I think about it. I go backwards and forwards in my mind about it. Well, perhaps it's good? Maybe I don't really need it after all.
Same goes for sharing Christ with others or converting to Christ. What is so GOOD about Christ?
Why SHOULD i even Consider Him?

Accepting Christ is a very very long process. Which could take as long as many many years before one would even reach a decision. some 20 years. some 30 years. some maybe even longer.
How often do Christians who would like to evangelise to other actually take time out to LISTEN TO OTHERS? It's not just about evangelising.

Humans want someone to listen to their needs. Atheists wants to know that if they convert, that this particular "god" can MEET their needs. Even Christians.

If Christians don't bother to take time listening others, but instead try to shove facts down other people's throats in hope that THEY will listen, atheists, and even not so fervent Christians will be repulsed by them.

I say this, because I once went for this seminar. Ok, it was one of those meetings during the Christian convention in Penang. Seriously, I thought the classes they had were a TOTAL waste of time. I didn't gain anything out of there. First, I could hardly hear the speaker. Secondly, the speech that the speaker had to say was so boring. Third, there was hardly any participation from the audience.

Finally, I just walked out of the class. I DON'T CARE.
Later I confided to my dad about it. Apparently, he had the same perspective that I had of the classes held.

Same goes for atheists, and those who goes to a church meeting. Most of the time, the atheist will walk into a church for the first time. Everything there is so disorientating.
He doesn't understand what the songs mean. In fact, they lyrics have no meaning for him at all??

He doesn't understand what the preachers say. The sermon doesn't meet his needs. In fact, he HAS NO IDEA what the preacher is going on and on and on and on about. *YAWN*

He is totally PUT off by the speaker or the rest of the worshippers who seem to HOUND on him.


Oh, You DID? Oh That is SO GOOD!!! Wah WAH WAH.

Oh gawd. SCARY!!


They go into the church tat very first time. Then they VOW to NEVER EVER attend or go back to church, or any other church in their life again.

You ever got that feeling?

What Have YOU got to say about That?

I think that ALL Church leaders NEED to go for Communications Classes. In fact, it should be MADE COMPULSORY.

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