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Vanity Fair.

The screening for Vanity Fair starts next week!

I remember getting the Vanity Fair book, and then realising that I already had the book in the first place but didn't read it. So I had gone with Ben back to MPH Midvalley to return the book. There, we bumped into one of his friends, whom he "signed" to communicate with him. It was an interesting observation, because I have never actually signed to a person who could not totally talk before. And I can sign the entire letters of the English Alphabet!!

Know what? I just realised that I haven't gone New Year clothes shopping.. Now, I don't really fancy wearing anything old on New Year. Don't Think So. Ha ha. Probably get something *red* and flashy, that can be worn throughout the year as well.

Anyway, as I have said, the past entire one week has been most surreal. It would seem almost dreamlike if I didn't pinch myself.

When I got home on Friday midnight, I had texted Karen. Ok, I had initially called to wish her happy birthday pre-New Year's, but it got out of hand and we ended up arguing and the conversation ended at a very bad note and not talking for probably about 3 weeks now.

Karen has been my emotional support (sorta like a small group leader), throughout the entire PG -Dec period, who has been pushing me to do things that I would probably not have done, and to which, I had also resisted.
I know what I wanted, but she was angry that I wasn't doing anything about it, whereas I was angry that she had kept insisting that I did somethng about it.

Well, actually I did do something about it. I, if I may boldly state, threw the results in her face!!
She probably took her time to think about it. I got a text from her this afternoon, apologizing for the whole Pre-New Year fiasco. She probably realised that I DO MEAN what I Say after all. *lolz*. Hah!

Isn't it strange, how some things or suggestions that one makes to another, and the way they respond or react to it can reveal much of how the personality of the other person is like in that flash of insight? It's strange that I never actually thought about it all this while.

Anyway, I got a call this morning. Well, someone called the house at almost 2am. I could hear the phone ringing coz I hadn't gone to bed yet. But I didn't want to pick up the call. So, after church, when I got home, I remembered that someone had called and looked through the Caller ID list. Mmmm was someone I know who had called me.

So I called the person back just now, and when he replied the call, he sounded real sleepy. Well, I told him that he CANNOT under any circumstances call my house after midnight!! Apparently he wanted to go and have supper in the middle of the night.


Just wait. I'll find out.

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