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The things children say!

I really have to emphasize the importance of speaking properly to kids at all times.

A few days back, when the kids got into the car, Ian said,

"Teacher......very HOT lar!"

"Hmmmm....of course I am VERY HOT. The SUN is So HOT today!!"

Then to tease them...

"You mean teacher is feeling hot or , uh, THE car is very hot?"

"Teacher, the car is very hot lar!!"

Then today...

"Teacher......the car is very hot lar!"

My colleague who was listening laughed.

"You told them the other day, they still remember until now!" *lolz*.

"Teacher, the book is very hot!!"

"Teacher, the chair is very hot!!", and on and on and on!

"Ok, Ok....enough already!"

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